How Established Businesses Attempt to Stifle Innovators

How Established Businesses Attempt to Stifle Innovators

Forbes published an insightful article today regarding how established businesses attempt to stifle competition from innovators like Tesla Motors:

olanmills | 2013年6月25日

great article

Mel. | 2013年6月26日

Curt, thanks for the article.

TeslaRocks | 2013年6月27日

Yes, very interesting article. I've always been fascinated with creative destruction ever since I first heard of it in a history class in university called History of Business in North America. It also confirms to me that I have no interest in renting out houses like my brother does, especially if I can participate in shaping the future instead.

I was going to ask if Elon would mind being called "The Disruptor", but a quick search informed me that this name is already taken by a supervillain, so definitely not a good fit. Regardless, I hope he keeps disrupting braindead industries to infuse truth and common sense.

rmp123 | 2013年6月27日

Yes, the establishment hates innovation but happy with their profit margins.