How long did you wait?

How long did you wait?

After today's conference call, we got a little more clarity on when the X and 3 will arrive.
Tesla Model X Deliveries to Begin in September, Model 3 reveal in Q1 2016 and Promised for “Late 2017″

I have a question for Model S owners and/or Model X reservation holders:

How long did you wait for your Model S?
How long have you been waiting for the Model X (from date of deposit)?

I want to get an idea of the Spartan patience you have if I'm going to have to endure the same, waiting for this beautiful machine.

(*may or may not be the Model 3 but the Tesla bones are there.)

rbi | 2015年8月6日

Reservation date (deposit) for MX sig (#151, Europe): Oct. 2013

eric.zucker | 2015年8月6日

I like these lines... very elegant. The front hood looks too high near the windshield. If that's the concept for Model 3, it will sell like hot cakes. Tesla needs to prepare more production lines all around the world to be able to face the demand.

trones.mittet | 2015年8月6日

Reservation model X signature #34 norway aug.2012. And still waiting.

kencaniglia | 2015年8月6日

I put down my deposit in March, 2012!

PhillyGal | 2015年8月6日

The Model 3 wait probably wont be years like the S and X were for early owners because I don't see them taking reservations years in advance. But it's definitely possible they will so if you plan on jumping in to a reservation as soon as available, plan to be patient.

Model S was well into production in August of 2014 when we ordered ours yet we had to wait 108 days because the D line was announced during our wait. It was agonizing because we had already waited three months between test drive and pulling the trigger to order. But nothing compared to signature owners who put down thousands of dollars and waited years.

socalsam | 2015年8月6日

That is q good looking car. I put my reservation on model x fall of last year I think. I don't mind waiting but I'm running into a situation where I have to buy a car by November at the latest. If the x is not ready by then, I may not have a choice but to buy something else. I'm hopeful that the car is available and I like it.

johnse | 2015年8月6日

By November we should have a good idea of how build rate is scaling up and know a lot more about the actual production vehicle. If you still want the X but it's going to be (number for sake of discussion) another 3 months, perhaps you could get a short-term lease to tide you over?

That way, you get the car you really want rather than buying something and feeling locked into that choice.

eric.zucker | 2015年8月6日

I may opt to sell my Q7 this year still, as the tax break for Euro 5 diesels will be stopped next year. New buyer gets to keep this advantage if he registers the car this year, same car registered in January pays full tax, not half anymore. Resale value therefore drops as we near the year-end.

Cheapest interim solution is to buy a cheap second-hand car to bridge the gap. I did ask Tesla if they were willing to lease me a used MS until I get the MX. Minimum 24 month lease... Not interested. Hope it won't be _that_ long...

Or I just don't bother, and sell the Q7 once I get my MX... Much less hassle, more comfort and safety.

Difficulty of reselling being the determining factor, whenever I can get a good price, it goes.

Anyone interested in a beautiful 2006 Q7 with trailer hitch, leather interior, 7 seats in Switzerland? Maybe not in this Audi..ence :-))

socalsam | 2015年8月6日


agree. Might have to figure out a short term solution if it gets delayed and I don't get it in November. The most frustrating part is that we still don't know when we can get our cars that we have deposits on. If its November/December- Ill figure it out.

Anything beyond that- its going to be tough to keep holding out. When they finally show the car in a few weeks (hopefully) that will atleast help to make the decision. Is this truly a great car or just a bunch of hype from Elon.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年8月6日

FYI... Those original photos of the clay model are very, very old... I think they are screenshots from a video that focused on Franz von Holzhausen as the designer at the Hawthorne facility. Notice the wheels are the nine-spoke design that never made it to production, but was seen on the early Model S prototypes. I'm pretty sure that clay model was a very, very early treatment of either a Model S Coupe, or a potential Generation III car. The actual Model ≡ production vehicle will likely look a whole lot better.

paradis | 2015年8月6日

@socalsam - I had the same problem when my BMW lease expired in April. I found a Mercedes on and bought out a lease that expires in January (when I hope to have my MX). It is a great solution.

the bonnie | 2015年8月8日

Reserved February 9th, 2012.

Model X Sig #2. (and yes, it's been a long wait)

Remnant | 2015年8月10日

Reservation made and paid: December 31, 2012

Reservation confirmed by Tesla: January 1, 2013

ken | 2015年8月10日

the bonnie | AUGUST 8, 2015

WOW, Signature #2? How did you let someone beat you out of first place? You are obviously the one we want to hear from when you get the call. I am a very high Signature reservation holder, waiting for the nod from you.

NumberOne | 2015年8月10日

Another Ken[neth] has the no 1 spot. I made my reservation in November of 2012, although I reserved my Model X license plate before that since there can only be 1 in each state.

the bonnie | 2015年8月10日

Yep, Sig #1 is another Ken. We talk frequently. He likes to say that he just types faster than I do. I tell him to stay out of dark alleyways.

Jessie | 2015年8月11日

If I remember correctly, I would guess that our X reservation has been down since Feb 2008. That's when our deposit went down on the Model S [res # 29].

We waited until we drove the S at the launch event, then switched over our deposit to the X as, with three small kids, the S was a bit tight for us. However, as a Roadster owner, I'm just fine having a production number a bit further down the matter how prepared, they always learn a bit as production progresses. Its heartening to hear that Tesla is planning on a faster ramp up with the X versus the S. Fingers crossed.

primetime98 | 2015年8月11日

11/6/2013 was the day I received confirmation of my Signature X. So almost two years, I think I'll get it before the two year mark though. But as The Bonnie showed, I haven't waited nearly as long as some!

paradis | 2015年8月11日

Reservation #3747 confirmed 5/24/13

clublon | 2015年8月11日

It will be one year on this Friday, August 14th.

ken | 2015年8月12日


JeffreyR | 2015年8月12日

@the bonnie: "Reserved February 9th, 2012. Model X Sig #2. (and yes, it's been a long wait)"

Kudos! How'd you get so early in line? Did you receive a call or an email or...?

You have the patience of a saint. I guess it helps that you have an Original Tesla Grin from driving your Roadster. | 2015年8月12日


the bonnie | 2015年8月12日

I was at the launch event that night at SpaceX & brought my checkbook along just in case they were taking deposits. Then when Elon came out on stage with the X, I ignored the excitement and went looking for where they might be taking deposits (if they were - and they were).

There was plenty of time to look at the X after that - plus had two test rides in the prototype they had there that night :). It was an amazing party.

And yes, the Roadster helps with the wait. I can't imagine giving it up. (Know anyone who wants a Jeep? I should have one available soon ...)

JeffreyR | 2015年8月12日

Well done!

Brian Vicars | 2015年8月13日

Fantastic! Finally I get to hear from the first people in line. I am sure that your vehicles will be complimentary since you have waited so long. It's only fair.

eric.zucker | 2015年8月13日

I bet Sig No 1 must be Elon Musk himself...

NumberOne | 2015年8月13日

No, I have seen the #1 confirmation, which belongs to Ken A in CA, so Elon probably has one called Founder #1.

Brian Vicars | 2015年8月13日

Ok @the Bonnie, you have been unofficially been designated my myself as Paul Revere II. When you here vehicles coming, ride though'the town n your roadster proclaiming, "The Model X's are coming!, The Model X's are coming! "Muster all Sig reservation holders to the Design Studio with haste."

Brian Vicars | 2015年8月13日

Oh, typo. Too many beans.

jjs | 2015年8月13日

This whole thread reminds me of the following conversation.

Stranger stops by a small town diner for lunch. Sitting next to a weathered old man, a local he asks; "Lived here all your life?"
Old man; "Not yet."

And so it is with this question. How long did you wait? Who knows.

the bonnie | 2015年8月13日

Yep, I can confirm that Sig X #1 is Ken A. & his wife. Elon may have Founders #1, unless Steve Jurvetson slipped him a check early (he did that to get Model S #1).

I plan on some early roadtrips & will be posting the Supercharger stops I'm planning on twitter. So if you're in the area, I'll be happy to show it off. But I don't know (yet) when that will be...

Ankit Mishra | 2015年8月13日

Thats great. Will you be reserving Model 3 too? Just asking.

ken | 2015年8月13日

@the bonnie, we are awaiting your nod, don't get so excited that you forget us.

paradis | 2015年8月14日

@Bonnie -

Come to NJ and we'll buy you dinner. (:-))