How many people have you promised an introduction ride?

How many people have you promised an introduction ride?

I just realized that I have promised a considerable number of test rides, not drives, in my MX when it arrives. Everyone from my entire family, physician, dentist and neighbours. 15 groups in total. I haven't calculated the amount of electricity it will cost. Ludicrous mode ain't cheap. I would be interested in finding out how many other reservation holders have committed to such a large number of friends and family introduction rides.

ernie | 2015年9月4日

Just forgo a latte a week for a month and you will have plenty of money for the power. I am surmising that since you told so many people you want to show it off. Just think of the “utils” of enjoyment you will get from this. [Term borrowed from economics “utility”]. I think about it every night before going to sleep…. If you are intending to generate sympathy…you have failed!!!! You will love showing it off as will I.

Answer to the question: "42" of course as it is the answer of answers for everything in the universe. EXCEPT for the question of why do fly swatters come out of the ground and slap you in the face. I hate it when that happens.

Brian Vicars | 2015年9月4日

@ernie. I've never purchased a latte in my life. Maybe that's why a have the "doe" to afford a Sig MX.

ernie | 2015年9月4日

@brianvic...etc. Love your attitude. Congrats on the Sig position. I give a talk to employees once a year and show them the amount of money they can accumulate in a year if they do not buy the expensive daily Starbucks coffee plus tip. I used to do that with smokers but we no longer hire smokers. Hope I don't offend anyone but we have contracts with customers that require non-smoking on or even near any of their facilities. By the way, to the best of my knowledge only one or two have taken the no coffee stand advice, but one of them has saved up enough for a house down payment in 6 years. Now I am off to buy a nice pair of slippers at Nordstrom which I can afford because I went by the coffee stand this a.m.!!!!!!

Brian...will you be wearing driving gloves to keep from wearing out the steering wheel? Both of my wife's last three cars (Mercedes) have shown a lot of wear within 50,000 miles. Are gloves affectatious?

Brian Vicars | 2015年9月5日

@ernie.. Don't get me going, Ernie. I have probably purchased less than a dozen cups of coffee at Tim Hortons in my life time. I buy extra, extra large since it is the best value. Doughnuts? I always buy a box of 12 @ half the price of one and freeze the remainder. This way 12 doughnuts may last me 2 days if I am lucky.

ernie | 2015年9月5日