How partnership with Tesla Motors?

How partnership with Tesla Motors?

I have a patent-pending patent.
This patent is a patent on the business model of the vehicle and insurance.
I would like to try with Tesla Motors to implement the Patent.

But... I do not know how can I get a chance to explain the business model and patent directly

PorfirioR | 2013年5月26日


Come on man!

The fact that you are posting this in an enthusiast forum gives the world the impression that you are an amateur or, worse, a scam artist.

logo1318 | 2013年5月26日

Sorry, if the forum does not match my posting, it's my fault
There was no thought about scam...

I sended email at the address written on contact menu, but i didn't get any reply. So, i used this forum.

Sorry, if the forum does not match my posting, i will delete my posting within this week.

Thanks for pointing out that i did not think.

Neech | 2013年5月26日


olanmills | 2013年5月28日

If you make one post in this thread per day, after six months, you will be flagged as a Very Important Poster (VIP). At this point, the Tesla Motors Inc. Board of Directors will review each of your posts, and if they decide that you are a serious asset, they will notify Elon Musk and he will contact you directly.

That catch is that you have to have a meaningful and thoughtful post each day. So think hard and spend some time on it every day.

On occassion, (as has happened with me) Elon has taken interest in individuals and ideas from these boards much earlier than six months without intervention from the Board, but you can't really rely on that.

Remember! The best way to start business collaborations is by posting on the official forums of the company that you wish to do business with. If you always remember that, I'm sure you'll go far.

logo1318 | 2013年5月29日

Thank you very much.
Your comments have been a great help.
I will try to post every day about vehicle and business model.

Thank you again

ian | 2013年5月29日

olan - You're so very cruel. Quite funny though!