i have a complaint

i have a complaint

i've owned my p85d for more than 5 months and have had no problems. nada. zero.

i also didn't get any letters from elon that aggrevated me.

it seems like i'm the only one without a complaint and that's not fair. so i'm complaining about not having a complaint.

kglad | 2015年8月31日

now i feel better.

vpoz | 2015年8月31日

Not even a teensy bit miffed about lack of autopilot?

AmpedRealtor | 2015年8月31日

I, too, don't have much to complain about. Which pisses me off.

PTP | 2015年8月31日

I have a complaint- everything seems too loud without a motor running! There should be absolutely NO NOISE at all now! | 2015年8月31日

Aw C'mon --- cup holders! We default to cup holders!
or getting the latest letter.
or not getting the latest letter.
or getting the latest update.
or not getting the latest update.

Enjoy your car kglad--
It's the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Bruce Williams | 2015年8月31日

My only complaint is that I wish owners would always post privately.

PTP | 2015年8月31日

@bruce williams- agreed

proven | 2015年8月31日

@bruce williams: why? I would think that hearing that an owner has no problems is good info.

mrspaghetti | 2015年8月31日

But no pictures of your privates, please.

Linus | 2015年8月31日

>>> I have a complaint- everything seems too loud without a motor running! There should be absolutely NO NOISE at all now!

Yeah, we need a spouse-shut-up-button.

mrspaghetti | 2015年8月31日

@Chess2 - ouch, I hope your spouse does not read the forum...

vlad22 | 2015年8月31日

@kglad. Very happy to hear about your perfect p85d. Wish the rest including mine had the same faith.

EternalChampion | 2015年8月31日


TaoJones | 2015年8月31日

I had to take time out of my day yesterday to bring the car into a parking lot and within 10' - 15' of a young deer that was stretching to eat leaves from the lower branches of a tree. We hung out for 10 minutes. Seems the deer had no worries about the big shiny grey thing nearby because there was zero engine noise. A piece of blowing paper spooked him for a sec but not the car - not even a little bit. It really sucked to have to take the time to watch that. Where's that complaint form... experiences like this weren't in the release notes.

justinmk3 | 2015年8月31日

@kglad. If you have a complaint, please post it to tesla service rep first, not here. Why are you posting on this site? Wait Wait Wait, are you trolling? Are you a real owner....Whats your VIN! Pictures or it didn't happen. Oh well not having a complaint is probably your fault anyway. You should have tried and not complained about not having a complaint to complain about. :) :) :) :) :) /end satire of how things usually go when someone complains about something Tesla on this site. hahahaha.-The End. :D :P

Red70D.Martinez.CA | 2015年8月31日

I have a complaint. Since the latest software fixes the one and only issue I have with the car (and the 4mph shudder is minor), I am upset that I have to find somewhere else to drive on the 3rd of Sept instead of going to the Mother-ship. I guess I could go the Mothership, charge and then drive over to Santana Row to see the revamped store. On my way home stop by Palo Alto and say THANK YOU TESLA. The final stop would be at the Walnut Creek store - just because they have always been so nice to me.

So many First World Issues to complain about!

compchat | 2015年9月1日

It would still be nice to have a hook to hang up my coat in the back seat area. That's my only complaint other than no auto steer yet. The car is, after all, rated at 103 % even without the hook or cup holders in the back seat.

kglad | 2015年9月1日

i don't drink inside my car so i don't care that the cup holders being under my elbow.

i'm a pediatrician. we dress casual so i don't care about the lack of coat hooks.

i never had the 4mph shudder.

i don't read email/browse the web while in my car so i don't care that the browser is slow.

i could complain that sometimes people i don't even know ask me questions about my car. but that would be disingenuous because i actually enjoy talking to people about my car.

and sometimes i discover something that i didn't realize previously. eg, last week while talking to someone (with an ice auto) about getting their car smog-checked, i realized i'll never have to do that again.

Roamer@AZ USA | 2015年9月1日

My only complaint is that it seems to be taking forever to get another car that I won't have to complain about.

Model X where are you.

TesMD | 2015年9月1日

It seems that you have nothing else to complain about either since X is here. I am sure you have to be one of the vey (0-50) X reservation holders. Now go configure your X and post some pics please!

Red Sage ca us | 2015年9月1日

And all is now right with the world.

Mariska Hargitay, Everyone!

renwo S alset | 2015年9月1日

My complaint is the ignore thread is gone.

Haggy | 2015年9月1日

I have a long list of complaints. People who don't own the car, especially those who have never driven one, also have a long list of complaints. Interestingly, there's about zero overlap on the lists.

bermand | 2019年2月17日

Potential fatal flaw in 3 series.

While I was driving in hard rain, my tire pressure sensor came on in the display in the place where the windshield wipers are controlled. I was unable to get the tire pressure screen off. I was in heavy, rapidly moving traffic with no right lane to park in. I easily could have had a devastating accident..

Tldickerson | 2019年2月17日

@bermand, why post in a Model S thread and not in the Model 3 section.

AERODYNE | 2019年2月17日

So the complaints results on this thread are:

MS - zero

M3 - one

I am happy with my S, but would not mind a 3 as well
No complaints here!

akikiki | 2019年2月17日

What Tldickerson said.

Bill_75D | 2019年2月18日

I appreciate the post by @bermand. A lot of Model S owners have shown an interest in, or have already purchased, a Model 3. This is good information to know.

NKYTA | 2019年2月18日

@Bill, sure, but without the hyperbole. | 2019年2月18日

The S has a button on the end of the turn signal stalk which when pushed immediately functions the wipers. Doesn't the 3 have a similar feature?

Bighorn | 2019年2月18日

Yes and it brings up the wiper control panel. | 2019年2月18日

Seems to me it should simply operate the wipers. Why and extra step? :-) | 2019年2月18日

Bighorn | 2019年2月18日

It does operate the wiper and gives you the menu to adjust the setting i.e. it’s readily accessible whether there’s a low pressure warning or not. User error hysteria above. | 2019年2月18日

Thanks for the clarity. Not a 3 owner, obviously.

Bighorn | 2019年2月18日

At the lower left of the screen, there are three "cards" available for viewing with a swipe left or right from default. The default has the wiper control/rearview camera/charge screen/microphone options. If you swipe left, you get the TPMS frame with the individual tire pressures. Swipe left and and get trip odometers.

If a tire pressure runs low, you will be alerted with a warning notice plus the TPMS card comes up. This rarely happens as a surprise nor concomitantly with a blinding downpour. You can simply swipe it right and you're back to your default screen with the wiper controls. Clearly bermand is not familiar with the basics yet to call this out as a potentially fatal flaw. The warning notice can be minimized with a swipe left.

muhammadfm123 | 2019年2月19日

let my wife drive your MS for a day and trust me you'll have a lot to complain about. lol

Bill_75D | 2019年2月19日

@Bighorn - I'm glad to hear that the Model 3 doesn't have a "potential fatal flaw"

Thanks for correcting @bermand's warning.

carlk | 2019年2月19日

@muhammadfm123 My wife complains even when I am driving the MS.

reed_lewis | 2019年2月20日

My only real complaint about my Model S is that in the just over two years I have owned it, I want to still drive it everywhere and have put about 50K miles on it already. Now with the purchase of a Model 3 for my wife, the mileage on the S will not accrue as quickly.

It still drives like new, and has so many new capabilities that it amazes me that it was the car I bought two years ago.

3.2 Mach | 2019年2月20日

2016 MS 90D took delivery in July 2016 and have 28,000 miles on it. Car has been bullet proof (I hope I did not offend anyone with that analogy). Kglad I enjoyed your heavy sarcasm. Maybe its just me, but this forum seems to be the epicenter of complaints. I love my S90D. I still look for reasons to drive it. With that said I do enjoy the wealth of knowledge presented here.