I'm a Dork

I'm a Dork

OK, I've had my S for 4 days and I love her immensely. Every once in a while from my living room, I pull my phone out and open my Tesla app. Then I honk the horn just so I can hear her. She's the one for me. | 2013年2月25日

Have you noticed her beautiful hourglass figuure? | 2013年2月25日


info | 2013年2月25日

You think you're the only one? My bedroom is right behind my garage. Before I go to sleep at night I check the app and honk the horn. It's almost like my car is wishing me sweet dreams. Since I've gotten the car I've had nothing but sweet dreams.

EVTripPlanner | 2013年2月25日

Yeah, me too...I've never felt this way about a car before! Sometimes I hide nearby and honk when someone walks by...

Brian H | 2013年2月25日

You guys sound horny.

peahl | 2013年2月25日

not horny, honky

sandman | 2013年2月25日

had to chuckle at this thread... funny stuff

cloroxbb | 2013年2月25日

I must admit, I will probably do the same thing. Especially to f*** with people.

lolachampcar | 2013年2月25日

Someone starts to look at mine in a lot and I start opening the rear hatch and frunk. It is a good conversation starter; just do not let them close the frunk :(

GLO | 2013年2月26日

You all are very funny. Sadly, I find myself doing the same. It's hard not to feel smug and somewhat in love with a car that is so far superior to anything I've ever owned (incl. my last E320 MBZ). Even my MBZ mechanic said he was skeptical until I let him drive it the other day and he is now sold. It's a truly remarkable car. I pity those who have cancelled reservations as they'll never know what they gave up. This is not normal behavior but I don't care.

Michael S | 2013年2月26日

+1 on the honking at night.