iOS App is in the App Store

iOS App is in the App Store

Just downloaded the iOS app for the MS. Tried to see if it worked but my car is in transit and the remote access is turned off. Would love to hear how it works.

Seraph | 2013年2月4日

The APP works well overall.

Home screen shows the current state of charge and locked status of the car.

Controls screen allows you to:
1. Vent or close the roof
2. Lock and Unlock the car
3. Honk the horn
4. Flash the lights

Charging screen allows you to:

1. Start and stop charging
2. Change from Standard charge to a Max Range charge
3. The rate of charge

Climate screen allows you to:

1. See the temperature inside the car
2. Turn on the climate control system and adjust the temperature

Location screen allows you to:

1. See the location of the car when parked
2. Track the car while in motion - gives both location and speed
3. Navigate back to your car when it is parked

Overall a very good application but still no timed charging.

GoTeslaChicago | 2013年2月4日

This is duplicate thread. Please post on the original.

kevjo | 2013年2月4日

Just downloaded the app. It's beyond James Bond, too cool for words. Love it.