tezzla.SoCal | 2015年12月21日

The webcast was fantastic, I loved the timeline they used to show every step. Great job SpaceX!!!

Chunky Jr. | 2015年12月21日

Missed the live feed, but looking forward to seeing the replay. Amazing accomplishment!

Kudos to SpaceX!

wavestock | 2015年12月21日

This is INSANE! Falcon 9 Rocket landing at Cape Canaveral... I recorded the LiveStream here- (shortened video):

Sudre_ | 2015年12月21日

Very cool. I wonder how many people do not know much less realize what just happened today.

evaandmarty | 2015年12月21日

Brought tears to my wife, but not me :-)

pilotSteve | 2015年12月21日

Last time I was this excited about space was in 1981 watching the first Space Shuttle land on the lake bed after de-orbit. Wow, has it really been 23 years?

Way to go SpaceX. You guys and gals are AWESOME.

btw, seems that late December has been a good time for Elon: Tesla got its salvation funding, SpaceX got its $1b+ Nasa contract, now Falcon-9 booster landing.

Merry Christmas!

TeslaCurler | 2015年12月21日

I am not ashamed to say it brought tears to my eyes. It was history in the making and will one day be viewed as the first step towards Mars. Will be so happy to be an indirect part of it when I put my deposit down on a new 85D on Monday.

Bighorn | 2015年12月21日

A must see!

Run4Waffles | 2015年12月21日

This was mind blowing to witness. Congratulations to all involved. WOW! Unbelievable! Historical.

wavestock | 2015年12月21日

"Why is this so important?" you may ask ...

=> Mastering landing allows rockets to be reused and make space travel far cheaper.

(Stage 1 landing starts at minute 4' in the video above)

70D-Tesla | 2015年12月21日


23 years? you mean 34? lol

Stiction | 2015年12月21日

I understand why Larry Page said "If I die I should just leave all my money to you..." (referring to Elon)

I love the new geek rich ..they dont buy islands in the caribbean and stock stupid wine cellars. Instead they remember watching Jonny Quest and say "Let's do THAT".

(Not that I don't like wine ;)

2015P90DI | 2015年12月21日

Felt like I was watching a football game. First half, as it approached the 2 minute, 19 second mark, was "come on baby, you can do it", cheered when it made it past, then again when first stage separated. Then on the way down it was "come on baby, come on, stick that landing....YEAH!!!!" Up on my feet!

Very exciting.

Our government has so f'd up our space program, it's so great to see a visionary like Musk step up to the plate. The US got to the moon with 50's technology in 8 years back in the 60's, now it's going to take us 30 years to do it again! Ridiculous. Waste of taxpayer money. Musk will have us to Mars in less than 10 years!!

A simple...Thank you Mr. Musk!

wavestock | 2015年12月21日

Was Elon Musk playing 'Space Taxi' (Commodore 64) as a kid?

From SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket landing to Flying Model S cars next ?

renwo S alset | 2015年12月21日

@two. Who do you think has funded most of SpaceX's development? Love it when people stick their ideological beliefs into a discussion of a historical accomplishment.

hcwhy | 2015年12月21日

So uplifting. Haven't felt so elated in a long time. A very bright light on the rare and so precious.

Leeo | 2015年12月21日

Congrats to Elon and the Space X team. History has been made. Great job!

Wooosh | 2015年12月21日

Loved to hear the USA, USA chants after the landing. Brings back memories of the pride and confidence I used to have in our country. Thank you Elon & all who work with you at Space X. A wonderful night!

Ankit Mishra | 2015年12月21日

Woo hoo!!! That stage 1 looked so smug to me. It was like 'I will nail it this time. Bam!! Done. Deal with it bro!!'
Congrats to @Spacex. Well done Elon!!

SbMD | 2015年12月21日

Amazing! What would take $16 million to remanufacture a rocket can be reduced to a reusable rocket requiring $200,000 in fuel.

This is worth a read, from the EM biography, regarding the inception of SpaceX:

trixiew | 2015年12月21日

I'm still misty. What a phenomenal accomplishment

Hart | 2015年12月21日

What an incredible accomplishment, Elon! Heartfelt congratulations to you and your team!

Red Sage ca us | 2015年12月21日

I knew they wouldn't have a problem with the landing on Terra Firma. The barge they tried just didn't have the proper mass to properly resist the thrust from the returning rocket. If SpaceX had access to an oil rig [HA!], oil tanker [HA, HA!], or aircraft carrier [C'mon, MAN!] the seaborne landing would have gone off without a hitch.

Iowa92x | 2015年12月21日

Uh, NASA has been reusing solid rocket boosters for decades. The difference here is faster turnaround and lower cost

Iowa92x | 2015年12月21日

Red, read Elon's summaries of last failures, rocket issue not barge problem.

Ankit Mishra | 2015年12月21日

Yes, but barge was a problem. It was not stable and the thrust of rocket made it move around. Add the winds to the equation. Definitely, changes to rocket were also required.

SbMD | 2015年12月21日

@Iowa92x - true, but not all parts of rocket boosters are reusable. SpaceX plans to make these and other portions reusable, which lowers cost further. Regardless, the initial cost of the Falcon is lower. Furthermore, the re-outfitting should be lower cost, even if other parts hoped to be re-usable cannot be re-used.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年12月21日

Stiction wrote, "I love the new geek rich ..they dont buy islands in the caribbean and stock stupid wine cellars. Instead they remember watching Jonny Quest and say 'Let's do THAT'."

I concur. Tom Swift, Jonny Quest, THUNDERBIRDS, Star Trek... And more recently Dexter's Laboratory, Secret Saturdays, Ben 10, Johnny Test... The stuff of dreams made reality.

NKYTA | 2015年12月21日

Congrats to the SpaceX team. So much awesomeness!

Red, Tom Swift... :-)

Red Sage ca us | 2015年12月21日

NKYTA: Yes. If Elon is Tom Swift, then which of his Sons will be Tom Swift, Jr.?

NKYTA | 2015年12月21日

Easy, the smartest one!


If his kids start mining the asteroid Belt, Niven was right.

Where is my Ringworld!! ;-)

PB90 | 2015年12月21日

This is a fantastic achievement and gives me increased hope for the future.

Way to go SpaceX

david.baird | 2015年12月21日


Comforting too that a guy who's able to do something this difficult own the company that made my car...

TaoJones | 2015年12月21日

Definitely a lump in the throat moment. Congrats to all of the driven professionals and staff that made this achievement happen.

Another reason for relevance with regard to the Model S/X/E - technology has already crossed from SpaceX to Tesla. The better/more profitable SpaceX is, the sooner more of that technology transfer will happen both to Tesla and to Solar City, now that I think about it.

You really have to hand it to Elon Musk and his senior management teams - things may take longer than anyone wants, but they do know how to execute in the end. Love it, love it, love it.

Bring on the barge.

NomoDinos | 2015年12月21日

So. Very. Cool.

I was so anxious, I couldn't even watch from around the 2 minute mark when it was live. I had to rewatch it after I knew it landed safely.

Can I just say how awesome it is to have a bunch of fellow geeks out here to go crazy with over the news?? My wife gave me quite the eye roll.

sklancha | 2015年12月22日

I didn't see the live webcase, but did get to see the landing highlights...

Unbelievably exciting. It will be interesting to see how fast it can be reused, and how much repair/refurbish (relative to back in the day...)

Not to downplay this historical event- but is it 'only' the rocket booster that was/is expected to have a return landing? What about the actual Falcon 9 rocket when it finishes its' mission?

CirrusDriver | 2015年12月22日

Guess it'll soon be the same in rocketry as aviation:
Nobody comments on the flight--just the landing!

hcwhy | 2015年12月22日

The media coverage of this historic event has been lame....time to find new news sources.

cquail | 2015年12月22日

Hcwhy +1

Anthony J. Parisio | 2015年12月22日

Holy F--k!

Run4Waffles | 2015年12月22日

Watch it again this morning. And enjoy that bounce in your step for the day.

Think of all of those that made such an accomplishment possible and give thanks.

This was a most incredible achievement!!!

The Right Stuff.

The crew of the Challenger were watching from the Heavens.

Have a beautiful day.

drax7 | 2015年12月22日

Wow , Massive , very massive. Congratulations to Elon and his amazing team.

PhillyGal | 2015年12月22日

I watched the launch coverage streaming on, as well as read his very dummy-friendly explanation beforehand on what SpaceX was trying to accomplish.

It made me really appreciate what was happening and for sure I got the chills watching it all unfold. History!

gwelmer | 2015年12月22日

Can't deny I cried like a grown-up. Thanks for sharing the live feed.

SamO | 2015年12月22日

I watched this last time they made the landing attempt.

Launch Land and Relaunch

f3rretus | 2015年12月22日

Iowa92x - Yes, but they also took a salty bath and definitely did not land vertically! | 2015年12月22日

Fantastic accomplishments! Impressive!

Captain_Zap | 2015年12月22日

I'm happy to hear that I wasn't the only one that shed a tear.
What a thrill!

Thanks for bringing back that video. Goosebumps!

hcwhy | 2015年12月22日

Does anyone know what happens to the part of the second stage that remained after the 11 satellites were put into orbit? Is it an independent satellite in it's own right that will remain in orbit? Is it part of the mission of the other 11 or does it have a mission of it's own? Has it become space debris?

renwo S alset | 2015年12月22日

It burnt up in reentry to eliminate any space junk.