List of Promised features not delivered

List of Promised features not delivered

Wifi, flash memory and timed charger have yet to be delivered ? Is there anything else ?
Yes it matters. Timed charger is important, wifi is also. Just wondering if there are anything else ? As I haven't taken delivery yet

Crow | 2013年2月2日

When I got my car, it didn't have voice recognition, android app, Slacker Radio, and the door handles didn't extend when I approached. Now I have all those things. It is the only car that adds features after you buy it, Patience is a virtue.

trydesky | 2013年2月2日

ipod support.

sergiyz | 2013年2月2日

there a Punch List thread with the extensive list of pending items.

brdunton | 2013年2月2日

Hang in there. A lot will be updated before you take delivery of your car. Remember, Tesla is in the quiet period leading up to their quarterly results. I imagine a lot to roll out in the next 30 days. Note, Wifi is turned off but in the car. You will get it. As @Crow said, the car just gets better over time. iPod support, latest gen has bluetooth, so it will work with those ipods. Tesla is being smart and going with wireless technologies so the car can accommodate things now and in the future. Flash, you can connect it to the USB and play music.

An example of things just getting better. When I took delivery the 3G connection in Denver was pretty pathetic. 4.2 was released, and although nothing is called out in the release notes, the 3G connection is SIGNIFICANTLY better. I keep Slacker radio all the way to the 3rd underground level of my offices parking garage, where it would die upon entering the building originally. A pleasant surprise (and one that now has me less needing of tethering to enjoy the infotainment).