Look what Santa got me for christmas

Look what Santa got me for christmas

Dennisf | 2011年12月25日

Last try..

Brian H | 2011年12月25日

Dennis, you were using BB instead of HTML. [] doesn't work, use < >
And the HTML for images is <img src="..url..">

stephen.kamichik | 2011年12月25日

I read this book in English. A very good read.

Dennisf | 2011年12月25日

I have read 40 pages and it truly is a remarkable person. I'm curious to find out why he never got the acknowledgment that he deserved.

Volker.Berlin | 2011年12月25日

Santa brought me Jim Motavalli's "High Voltage". I enjoy reading it! It is surprisingly up-to-date, reflecting the state of the matters of summer to fall 2011. It has a few detailed pages about Tesla Motor's and Elon's history, too. Yes, that's a recommendation. :-)

phb | 2011年12月25日

I got High Voltage a week or so ago but haven't had the chance to read it. I'm glad that you like it.

David M. | 2011年12月25日

" I'm curious to find out why he never got the acknowledgment that he deserved."

As an immigrant, he spent a lot of time living in Thomas Edison's shadow, even though he was arguably more brilliant, as I understand it.

Brian H | 2011年12月25日

Also, he was prone to sometimes extravagant extrapolations of his ideas, and acquired a bit of a "nutcase" image problem.

Timo | 2011年12月31日

That "nutcase" problem was a real one. He was brilliant, but he also was a nutcase. Problem with people at that time was to distinguish which of his inventions and claims were work of an brilliant man and which were work of an nutcase.

Nikola Tesla is one of the really brilliant men of the past. I have sometimes wondered if there is a some really rare kind of Autism or similar brain "disease" that causes this to happen every now and then. Leonardo da Vinci, Heron of Alexandria, Aelius Galenus etc. etc. show that every now and then there appear a person which is way ahead of his time, smarter than normal human should be.

There is nearly seven billion people in the world today (is it over already?) so we should see those kind of people more often now but we don't. Maybe it is the modern culture that suppresses the greatness of the minds, we don't give enough credit for innovative thinking, only short term profits.

Brian H | 2011年12月31日

Fortunately, "Genius Boy" Elon didn't tip over the edge. ;)

Robert.Boston | 2012年1月1日

Or at least hasn't so far. ;-)

brianman | 2012年1月1日

Let's hope Elon keeps it together until at least 2021 (end of S warranty).