Model S Air Conditioning

Model S Air Conditioning

I live in Scottsdale, Arizona, so A/C is usually top of mind. Air conditioners in ICE cars have a very hard time cooling sufficiently when the car is idling. It adds an extra level of discomfort when being stuck in traffic.

From what I've been told, the Prius A/C actually runs off the hybrid battery rather than alternator power. It has fast cooling capability; much faster than many of my colleagues' luxury sedans.

I'm anticipating this will be yet another "hidden" benefit of the Tesla Model S: kick-ass air conditioning even at a dead stop.

Throw in a future mobile app that lets you remotely control the climate of the cabin, and this car will sell itself...especially in places that experience climate extremes.

Brian H | 2012年6月10日

I think that's a present mobile app; the car's internal temp can be set remotely.

DrJ | 2012年6月10日

Sadly app is not "present." I asked when building my car about the app - the rep said that the app won't be available when I get my car (sig #371) and that they will wait "to make sure everything is working okay" before releasing it. I am bummed, as I live in Austin, TX, where it was 99 degrees F today and conditioning the car remotely is huge (my chevrolet does it via remote start and is a life saver, possibly my favorite feature.)

JohnFloyd | 2012年6月10日

Sad news about the app not being available at launch, but I would guess it will not be too far out. Also in Austin, TX, so the remote temp management is a definite plus. Sadly, way down at P#2630, but at least there's another one of us in Austin who can develop all the best practices and pass them along. =)

GeorgeA | 2012年6月10日

Once the app available, it will really help in hot climates. I live in Florida and summers are hot here also. I hope the S Model AC can keep us as cool as our new car is!

Teoatawki | 2012年6月10日

A positive note for later S and P reservation holders, by the time our cars are delivered the hottest days will be over. By the time we really need it again cars will have been shipping for 8 months. So there is a pretty good chance we'll have it by then.

Volker.Berlin | 2012年6月11日

I don't know more than any of you, but from what I've seen and heard I'd guess that you don't necessarily need an app on your phone to precondition your Model S before your drive. There should be an option on the 17" screen, right next to the charging options (normale/range/storage), that lets you program at what time you want to leave with your car and at which temperature you want the cabin then.

Norbert.Vienna | 2012年6月11日

the app is nice if you do not know exactly when you will leave the house and start preconditioning your car an a deman basis

bsimoes | 2012年6月11日

It will be nice when it's -30 degrees, too!

Vexar | 2012年6月11日

@bsimoes indeed, especially when the car's been sitting at the airport parking lot all week.

Sousaphil | 2012年6月12日

YES! The charging page added on June 12 shows the mobile app as available this summer.

It will include pre-cooling / pre-heating functionality.

Thank you Tesla!

davecolene0606 | 2012年6月12日

I also have asked, " can I sit in the car with A/C running while it's charging?

Think road side recharge and surfing while your waitin.

The rep I spoke with was unsure, anyone else get an answer?

kingkong | 2012年6月12日

I expect the AC and heating can be pre programmed like home

MikeV | 2012年6月12日

I just hope the A/C actually cools the car well on hot, humid days -- unlike our Roadster 1.5 which really isn't a practical July/August car in Ohio.

Sudre_ | 2012年6月12日

I am curious MikeV does the Roaster 2.0 cool well? That should answer your question right there. I don't think they are going to go backwards.

jerry3 | 2012年6月12日

I don't see why it won't work as well as the Prius' a/c which is also electric. The thing about the electric car a/c is that it's a variable speed scroll compressor so it doesn't always have to work "full tilt" like a belt driven piston compressor on an old fashioned car. This sometimes gives the impression that the a/c isn't very powerful because it's not blasting 33F air at a rate of 800 cf/sec, but I've found it works great here in Texas and rarely runs at full power (a whopping 3.2 kWh) to cool the car off. It tends to be much quieter as well.

EdG | 2012年6月12日

The glass blocks almost all the infrared. I don't know whether the door glass is the same, but specs on the front, top and back are good. I also don't know whether the Roadster has IR blocking glass, or how much it blocks. My guess is that the Model S glass is better at this. And with the Roadster experience, as said by others, the engineering of the AC shouldn't be too hard. I'm expecting no problem with this.

VolkerP | 2012年6月14日

Do you ever consider to park in the shadow? Or in a spot where shadow can be expected to fall when you return to your car? Not every creature comfort must be established by using gobs of electricity.
If there is no shadow in your work place's parking lot, lobby for some solar PV car port installation. With appropriate subsidies, it should pay for itself.

gjunky | 2012年6月14日

@volkerp: There are almost no shaded spots here in Phoenix (really). This might work in milder climates but not in dessert environments.

Brian H | 2012年6月14日

gjunky | June 14, 2012
... not in dessert environments.

Would those be ones serving hot pies? I'd think in desert areas you'd prefer ice cream!


EcLectric | 2012年6月14日


Often that shadow is partly cast by the rear-end of some winged creature that would love to help decorate your new Model S for you...

Brian H | 2012年6月14日

You mean those nice 3D paisley patterns?

EcLectric | 2012年6月14日

Yes. The ones that eat your paint.