Model S and Model X on Display at Tesla Santana Row

Model S and Model X on Display at Tesla Santana Row


Experience The Future At Tesla Santana Row


Join us this Friday, Saturday and Sunday as we bring together the Model X Design Prototype and FOUR Model S Betas - One in each Signature color: Signature Red, Pearl White, Silver, and Black.


Not only is this a historic moment for Tesla Santana Row, but it's a HUGE milestone for the Tesla Factory. The Signature paint lines are up and running! Our robots are hard at work painting more Betas and perfecting the process before production starts. Deliveries are just around the corner and we can't wait to share the excitement with you.


To celebrate, Tesla Santana Row will also unveil our new Model S Design Studio!


Store Info:


Tesla Santana Row

333 Santana Row, Suite 1035

San Jose, CA 95128


Friday: March 16th 4pm-9pm

Saturday: March 17th 10am-9pm

Sunday: March 18th 11am-7pm

Larry Chanin | 2012年3月15日

Hi Colin,

Thanks for the posting.

Can you tell us whether the new Model S Design Studio will also be released via your website on March 16th?



jd3tm | 2012年3月15日


Tesla Showroom at Santana Row has their "Design Studio" up for Signature Models. Which is to say, they have paint samples of the 4 exterior colors, leather samples for Sig and Sig Performance models, as well as interior accents - piano, lacewood, bananaleaf and carbon fiber!

Tomorrow, the vehicles show up!!!!



jhw1009 | 2012年3月17日

Some of us who don't live in California and couldn't wait to see the demo cars, suspect this is very closed to production cars, I ask those who can attend, subscribe to this forum about what they think and more importantly, take some nice pictures (interior design, of course) to show us. Thanks

Volker.Berlin | 2012年3月18日

Thank you Brant, very much appreciated!

MyDreamCar | 2012年3月18日

I couldn't see from the pics.. Did any of the Signatures have the "exterior carbon fiber accents?"
Where was it located and which color looked the best with it?

Schlermie | 2012年3月18日

No, they didn't have any Performance edition vehicles at the event. They just seemed to have the same Beta prototypes that have been touring the various Tesla stores, although they enabled more of the features to be operational, like the door handles, sunroof, and more center console display features.

Volker.Berlin | 2012年3月18日

They just seemed to have the same Beta prototypes that have been touring the various Tesla stores [...] (Schlermie)

Differences may be minor but at least two of the cars shown at Santana Row actually had come off the production line just the night before, according to George Blankenship:

Volker.Berlin | 2012年3月18日

Brant, from your (and other) pictures of the event, I noticed two things: First, Tesla wants to be unmistakably clear this time that these are (still) not (yet) production vehicles. The big BETA badges aren't beautifying the Model S, but they may help to (slightly) mitigate criticism that is bound to surface here and in the press in response to the event. This may be a lesson learned from other shows where people all too easily were confusing the exhibit car for the real thing.

Second, I don't see no head rests on the back seats! Is this because they were not installed, or do they have new seats that better integrate the rear head rests when not in use, to provide better rear visibility?

Mycroft | 2012年3月18日

Volker, I believe the rear head rests are there, but that they're pushed all the way down. They can slid up for passengers.

It's the center of the upper part of the seat.

Brant | 2012年3月18日

Some of the cars had rear seats with headrests, others did not. I found that without the headrests, if I leaned all the way back, my head came into contact with the roof as it sloped down toward the rear of the car (I'm 5'11''). With the headrests there was no contact as it kept my head slightly forward.

Brant | 2012年3月18日

To give credit where it is due....I think those are Disco's photos. I just put the link here in response to jhw1009's request.

Volker.Berlin | 2012年3月18日

They are actually engle's photos... The same guy who also conducted that 18 min interview (on youtube), if I am not mistaken. Great work, engle, thanks a million from all of us!

Brian H | 2012年3月19日

Just at the tail end of the video: accessory for those obsessed with the center console, down the road? Absolutely we're ...{cut}

BYT | 2012年3月19日

Like the ending to "The Sopranos"