Model X Share Price impact

Model X Share Price impact

Well, tomorrow should be interesting on the market! And of course the gearhead and financial articles will start to flow.

My pro-dic-jection is that the impact will be positive, but bumpy.

STARR X | 2012年2月10日

Might be positive but nothing great. Price should really start to rise once reservation holders get to design their final car and deliverys start to happen.

Crow | 2012年2月10日

Institutional investors saw the X before last night. I'm not sure there will be a big bump.

Schlermie | 2012年2月10日

Admittedly, the whole market is down ~1% today, but TSLA is down ~5%. I guess the investment community has cast their vote.

Schlermie | 2012年2月10日

(Hopefully, it will pop back up on Monday after Tesla is swamped with new reservations.)

olanmills | 2012年2月10日

The price increased steadily since the drop in mid-January until February 8th or 9th though.

gagliardilou | 2012年2月10日

I was surprised by the amount of the drop the day after the reveal. Either the market is lowering the price to get in or they really didnt like the x. By the amount of reservations already I feel its the former.

xhawk1011 | 2012年2月10日

its down today because of "buy the rumor, sell the news" phenomenon.

it should continue to climb barring any major model s stumble.

olanmills | 2012年2月13日

Yeah I'm not surprised by the drop, which wasn't that dramatic anyways. The price went up in anticipation of the reveal and the event occurred as expected, and people sold and buying interest returned to normal.

I don't think it indicates a negative market reaction to the X.

It would have dropped dramatically if there was something grossly negative about the X reveal, something that was unexpectedly bad or indicated weakness.

Likewise, if something was unexpectedly amazing about the X, like they announced it floats on air and runs on water, then I would have expected a dramatic increase in the stock and sustained interest in buying.

Instead, it's just what people had been anticipating: a natural extension of the S's design and features into the form of an SUV. The doors were are surprise, but not some kind of gamechanger.

Volker.Berlin | 2012年2月13日

...and besides, it's already rising again. Come Wednesday will have more potential to drive the stock in one direction or the other, IMO.

Robert.Boston | 2012年2月13日

Yep, up 2% at the bell; general market is up only 0.6%. Thursday's call could be another wet blanket, though; even though no one should expect to see positive revenues, analysts still fret about the negative EPS. Unless there is some big positive surprise, e.g. a major deal with Toyota or Daimler, I expect that the market will trim off 5% or so when the 2011 results are released on Thursday.

Volker.Berlin | 2012年2月14日

...still rising. :-)

Robert.Boston, the "Fourth Quarter 2011 Financial Results Q&A Conference Call" is scheduled for Feb 15, 2012 at 2:30 PM PT, which is Wednesday (tomorrow, to be precise).

Brian H | 2012年2月14日

~12:30 EST Popped up over $32 a few times; anticipation of positive reviews tomorrow?

discoducky | 2012年2月14日

Yeah, had to realize some gains today. I always hope it goes up but believe it will come back down after earnings as everyone focuses on the loses rather than the progress.

David70 | 2012年2月14日

Closed at $33.17.

Brant | 2012年2月14日

I did that last quarter and lost out on a $5/share gain when "losses were less than WallStreet expected"

Brian H | 2012年2月14日

Almost $34 after hours! ($33.95). Should open over $34, based on "momentum".

Brian H | 2012年2月15日

Speaking of finances, etc., I wonder if this news a few days ago affected TSLA:
(CBS) -- "Competitor Fisker Automotive has been beset with numerous delays in bringing out its Fisker Karma extended-range luxury electric car. The company earlier this week said will have to lay off workers and renegotiate its Department of Energy loan because it has apparently not met milestones specified in the contract."

Brian H | 2012年2月15日

I think Fisker was just asking for it naming their flagship car "Karma". The gods will not be mocked!

Brian H | 2012年2月15日

Wow! TSLA hit 34.50 about 2:45, held for a while, and then at 3:00 began a dive, all the way down to about 32.50! Now gradually recovering ... (opened at 33.17). (3:40)

gagliardilou | 2012年2月17日

IMO the stock will hit 35/36 maybe retreat a little then it will hit 40 and most likely 44. This is disruptive technology and if Tesla is around in 10 years (which I feel they will be if not bought out) the stock may easily be a 10 bagger

Brian H | 2012年2月17日

I wonder if the majors have learned the lesson: buying small innovators rarely gets what you bought. The magic drains out. Which leaves buy-to-suppress, I guess!

Speaking of 35/36, it's pushing that today. 34.60 as I type, was 34.78 a little while ago.

ThomasN | 2012年2月17日

Double volume since Tuesday, wondering how long til it settles down

Brian H | 2012年2月17日

Within a whisker of 35 at the close: 34.97!

Brian H | 2012年6月13日

4 months later, struggling to hold above $30. It will be fascinating to see what happens as more cars hit the streets. The 10 Founders' vehicles to be delivered on the 22nd may not have much impact; but the start of the Tour the next day could be big. Test drives, factory tour (operating at full bore??), etc.

All in all, likely a big ramp up thru July, with moderate volatility.

Let the games begin!!