Mountain Driving

Mountain Driving

I live in Colorado, and was considering the Model S. After reading about the braking system, I was wondering what happens on mountain roads, especially on steep declines, which are common driving in the Rockies. Normally, I downshift (even in an automatic) to control my speed on the descents, to keep from overheating the brakes, which can be quite easy to do in the Rockies.

Is there some similar capability in the Model S, that won't use the brakes, so they don't overheat?

Ad van der Meer | 2012年1月9日

Model S will have regenerative braking like the Roadster. We don't know yet if that will be as strong as in the Roadster, but it will take off some load off your brakes.
When in doubt find out if you can get a test drive in a Roadster (i there any left) and otherwise you will have to wait until Model S will be available for test drives.
I know there are more people from Colorado on this forum. Maybe they can tell you about their experience with the Roadster.