Mysteriously Missing Features

Mysteriously Missing Features

On this thread,, rwang asks about the song storage disk.
There are other promised and not definitively scheduled features and capabilities. A list might be useful.

1. Song disk
2. 4G
3. Sun-screen (not necessary? Cancelled?)
4. Scheduled charging
5. ....

Copy, expand, and repost.

Volker.Berlin | 2013年1月1日

Scheduled climate control.

MB3 | 2013年1月1日

Is this different than the punch list?

Carefree | 2013年1月1日

Why are we starting another thread about missing/promised features? Just use the punch list thread.

Volker.Berlin | 2013年1月1日

Just use the punch list thread. (Carefree)
("private", i.e., reservation holders and owners only)