New Model S video is up

New Model S video is up

EdG | 2012年1月31日

Blankenship: (re: low center of gravity) "a handling characteristic" ... "you can't understand until you get behind the wheel and hit the accelerator".

They keep teasing us. Not nice.

Volker.Berlin | 2012年1月31日

But intentional.

David70 | 2012年1月31日

Yeh. They're evil. Like grocery markets putting all the candy in the checkout line at kid eye level.

dborn | 2012年1月31日

How do you get the video to run? No apparent controls on iPad..

EdG | 2012年1月31日

Try on the iPad

mwu | 2012年1月31日

They really should let us behind the wheel to hit the accelerator so we can understand

phb | 2012年1月31日

Anyone else notice that the video is very similar to a lot of the Apple product introduction videos? If you change the background color behind the men speaking to white and have them talking about iPad3 it would be the same thing.

Like the iPad videos (where they kept talking about how magical and revolutionary it was and how it felt to hold it and use it before we actually could) it really does make one want to drive one... NOW!

Volker.Berlin | 2012年1月31日

I'd like to see a video like this... of the Model S!

stephen.kamichik | 2012年1月31日

Franz Van Holtzhausen needs a shave.

Mycroft | 2012年1月31日

He also needs a German accent. :-D

BTW, they've added wallpapers to the Model S gallery.