Looks like somebody pressed the wrong button.

David Jay | 2012年11月23日


ArieK | 2012年11月23日

Should I laugh or cry? I can't decide...

chort67 | 2012年11月23日

OMG I thought my computer was jacked up :(

Oaktowner | 2012年11月23日

I really hope they can restore it from a backup. There was a veritable wealth of information. While I haven't posted often, this forum more than anything is helping me in my decision to buy a Tesla.

That said...with twice as many posts as anyone else, I'm the new Volker.Berlin of the forum.

If either of you would like to correct my speling, you can be the new Brian H!

shop | 2012年11月23日

Thanks for posting the oops, I was wondering what happened! Hope they can get the forum back online soon.

thatheard | 2012年11月23日

I see what you did there New Volker, and I accept your nomination as the new Brian H.

*Ahem* The spelling of "spelling" is correctly spelled "spelling." Thank you.

In other news, I really hope they get the forum back, I was enjoying the occasional diversion from the drudgery of work to read about the joys of tesla ownership.


The Froq | 2012年11月23日

Just press the two buttons to reset

Eili777 | 2012年11月23日

Hi guys
How does the Model X subsite displaied to you ? Almost empty as well ?

jbunn | 2012年11月23日

Is this how the Aztec end of the world starts?

JoeFee | 2012年11月24日

Well there is always TMC …..

vouteb | 2012年11月24日

I think its actually quite refreshing

Lets start all over and just volkerize old postings

Frank C | 2012年11月24日

Help, how am I going to spend my monding now???

Xfrank | 2012年11月24日

I'll think they made space for the European prices!

rwang | 2012年11月24日

just left George B an email. Hopefully someone reads this... =)

Whity Whiteman | 2012年11月24日

...or did somebody attack

Mark Z | 2012年11月24日

I would imagine it will be restored before the stock market opens. A backup tape or disc will not have these entries, so no one will know it even happened.

Stark | 2012年11月24日

I'm afraid this is probably my fault... I've been lurking in the forums for months, but never posted a thing. Yesterday I posted twice and BAM, no more forums. I hope this post doesn't take it down again!

RNB | 2012年11月24日

In order to access the previous posts you must now pay $2000 extra and then you get access free for a lifetime.

Tiebreaker | 2012年11月24日

Test. Please ignore.

kent | 2012年11月24日

No what am I going to do for the first and last hour of my day!

lph | 2012年11月24日

Obiviously we failed the test... and got wiped out
Seriously though, I really hope they can get the threads back.

dtesla | 2012年11月24日

Let's just hope our cars didn't get deleted as well. Especially the ones already delivered :).

mrspaghetti | 2012年11月24日


Is this how the Aztec end of the world starts?

I think it might be how the end of someone's job at Tesla starts...

shop | 2012年11月24日

It seems that the blog got deleted as well - no blog entries. And the Model X page is indeed empty. Hopefully the webmaster is too busy trying to fix this right now to post anything...

Sudre_ | 2012年11月24日

I think someone must of posted some copyrighted material (like the reposted National Geographic episode) and the guy in charge of the forum had to delete the message......

Delete all (Y/N)


we know what his choice was.

Ohms.Law | 2012年11月24日

Volker.Berlin where are you when we need you?

petersv | 2012年11月24日

It looks like it is all there, only that none has access rights to see it. Try a few bookmarks and you'll see.

BTW. the "contact us" link on the error page is a "dead end".

Sudre_ | 2012年11月24日

Sounds like they did a server upgrade then and the address haven't completely updated.

tomas.hutters | 2012年11月24日

I have reported this to more or less all the Tesla email addresses I have been in touch with one way or another. It is really quite embarrassing, but then again, nobody's perfect.

+ 1 petersv, this was actually the very first thing that happened to me, before I even noticed that something was fishy with the forum.

I'll gladly leave the rest to Tesla's IT people, but I hope they hurry (wake) up soon!

digitaltim | 2012年11月24日

burp...excuse me

lph | 2012年11月24日

Wheew..... it looks like it is all back and running again.
Gremlins can be a pain in the ......

Michael23 | 2012年11月24日

Where are the delivery threads? that's the only reason I'm here!

Volker.Berlin | 2012年11月24日

Volker.Berlin where are you when we need you? (Ohms.Law)

No worries, I'm always here. :-)

Volker.Berlin | 2012年11月24日

BTW, it happened once before a few days ago, when they introduced the Tesla Bulletin Board. Same symptom: Everything gone for in a moment and then incrementally coming back. I'm curious what's new this time.

Michael23 | 2012年11月24日

Wow it's way faster in my ipad now though! I like it!

tomas.hutters | 2012年11月24日

Volker, today, it was not just the forum, but other major parts of (blogs, the Model S page, the Model X page and probably more that I did not check). And it was not just for a moment, but several hours. How about the incident a few days ago?

Volker.Berlin | 2012年11月24日

tomas.hutters -- on Tuesday, IIRC, I came to join the party when the forums and blogs were gone and just coming online again one by one (a matter of minutes, not even half an hour in total). It was an hour or two later than today. I cannot tell how long those pages were unavailable before that, and I did not check other pages than the forums and the blogs.

Brian H | 2012年11月24日

It was Mayan. And it already happened. This is a brand new universe, same as the old universe.

Prove me wrong!

Oaktowner | 2012年11月24日

Brian H - I think the theory of infinite universes says you are *definitely* right.

Oaktowner | 2012年11月24日

Volker - interesting! It must be a permissions issue when they add something new (though I can't work out exactly how that would happen).

It certainly freaked me out a bit when I stopped by last night and saw ZERO threads and zero posts. I thought they might restore from backup, and that this one might disappear at that point. Kind of glad to see that it lives on.

tomas.hutters | 2012年11月25日

Thanks Volker. I guess this must have been at least slightly out of control. In any case, TM better not scare their most dedicated users like this, the average age is quite high here! Not to mention people who visit for the first time. Let's hope it never happens again.