Orange County Supercharger - confirmed

Orange County Supercharger - confirmed

San Juan Capistrano on the corner of Del Obispo and Camino Capistrano. It's pending final approval.

bheise | 2013年7月23日

Thanks for the information. Any idea of timing for final approval?

Tâm | 2013年7月23日


To list at:

and if you don't mind, would you please tell us the source of the info (hyperlink, sales rep, onsite visual observations...)?

dortor | 2013年7月23日

I would be very interested in any evidence - posted at the afore mentioned link.

lsborn | 2013年7月23日

It's going in the Union Bank parking lot - odd location, but plenty to keep one occupied for a charge. I was not able to locate anything on the city of San Juan Capistrano's permit site (not OC public works). I just called and asked about EV stations be built in the city in the near future and they volunteered information on the Tesla Supercharger - which is exactly the information I was calling about. Once approved in the next 2 weeks, there should be some visible signs of progress in the next month.

bioengr | 2013年8月5日

Union Bank?! This location seems unlikely. If you know it, it is a pretty high density location. There isn't much parking at the Union Bank. Also, it seems rather pricey real estate compared to existing Supercharger locations.

D and K | 2013年8月22日

Anyone have any updates on this SC? This is a critical one for us SD/OC commuters.

TrojanTesla | 2013年8月23日

Here is the link:

Type "TESLA" in the search string. The project has been approved.

TFMethane | 2013年8月23日

I looked at the permitting site. That could be anything. That could be a private bank branch manager putting in an 80 amp J1772 charger for his/her Tesla, or even a HPWC on site. A good example of this kind of setup is Dr. Marcum's setup in San Luis Obispo. He has an 80 AMP J1772 for his Tesla while he is at work. It has a credit card reader attached, and multiple Tesla owners in SLO use it to charge, since there are no other good fast charging options. If you want to write "Tesla Charging Station" on your permit application as the project title, most municipalities will let you call it that.

TikiMan | 2013年8月23日

Personally, I would like to see a supercharging station at this location...

It's the perfect location, because....

1) Portola Coffee is located there (best coffee-house in So Cal!!!!)
2) It's just off the 405 freeway (it borders the 405 Freeway North).
3) It is still growing, has a forward-thinking vibe, and the developer would love to get more publisity.
4) It's a mix of high-end design stores, funiture, farmers-market, unique SoHo style stores, gastro-pubs, specility foods, etc (VERY ecletic, off-beat, and forward thinking).
5) It has a lot of places to sit down, and relax, in a very safe and secure location.
6) I see a LOT of Tesla owners there all the time!
7) Did I mention Portola Coffee?
8) Lots of parking (more than enough room for charging stations).
9) Just a mile from South Coast Plaza and Chrystal Court (Gucci, Prada, Tiffany's, et al)

evcarfan91 | 2013年8月23日

I think you mean "It's just off the 5 Freeway"...

evcarfan91 | 2013年8月23日

Sorry my bad, I thought you were talking about the SC in San Juan Capistrano

gregsbeach | 2013年10月24日

The Permit was filed 10-23-2013!!! Yesterday. It is under review. It is usually 30 days after permit approval for construction. This is long overdue! 7 spots.

Sgt Barone | 2013年10月24日

Excellent news!

Brian H | 2013年10月24日

Your link sez: "Please check back soon.

If you are the owner of this website, please contact Technical Support as soon as possible"

Joys4me | 2013年12月14日

Construction began last week....planned completion E-Jan!! Jd

604-DRIVER | 2013年12月15日

How many stations in SJC planned?

teriyaki88 | 2013年12月16日


laurah | 2014年1月16日

I just saw it. It looks ready but still has a chain link fence around it. Any idea if the opening date?

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 2014年1月16日

Go to thread "San Juan Capistrano" - use if you need to find it. Full and current update, with lots of photos. Apparently the construction crew is done for now, but they need an easement (from Union Bank?) and SDG&E to complete the electrical supply. No indication when it will go live, but as with Gilroy expansion, it can be a while between the construction and the go-live date. Will be very useful for lots of us when it does. LA to SD day trips without driving at 55 mph! Talk about getting glares from the 85 mph crowd on the I-5 . . .

jasoncho | 2015年5月14日

Does anyone have any updates on the possible Supercharger being built at South Coast Plaza?