On a positive note...

On a positive note...

There has been a lot of criticism and uproar entailing the launch of the "Options & Pricing" page on Tesla's website, and I am certainly among the first to admit that not everything went smooth with the reveal of this information:

Due to these irritations, a lot of very welcome news and nice surprises that can be found on that page did not get their fair share of attention. Let's try to remedy this situation in this thread. Which announcements made you particularly happy?

Dennisf | 2011年12月27日

For me the carbon fibre interior panels were a nice surprise. I think they will look awesome.

Volker.Berlin | 2011年12月27日

Here is my favorite list:

Apparently, manual sunshades are now included with the panoramic roof. Earlier announcements explicitly said that no shades would be available but customer reactions in these forums and during the Oct 1 factory event seem to have convinced Tesla Motors otherwise.
The production car comes in at a respectable but manageable total width similar to other sedans in its class. Originally, a pretty excessive width was announced.
Two rear USB ports will be available (optional). It is unclear whether these USB ports will also be accessible from the optional rear-facing jump seats. In any case, it is a very welcome detail that has been discussed in these forums, too, and as a side note, AFAIK this is just another industry-first "made by Tesla Motors".
Tesla over-delivered on its already bold claim that the Model S would have "unprecedented cargo space". They made good on that promise by a surprisingly comfortable margin.
Not only is it now clear that air suspension will in fact be available as an option, the price they ask for this option is also surprisingly low IMO. If they can put the quality of the air suspension system in line with their generally high quality standards, then that's a particularly fair offer.

Mycroft | 2011年12月27日

Yep, carbon fiber was a big plus for me because I didn't like any of the other options. I was hoping for wood, but I'll gladly take the carbon!

The price of the premium stereo, pano roof, and air susp are all at least half of what they easily could have been.

They're looking to be on-track or better for a July rollout.

They kept the base price below $50k and it compares very favorably to the $30k Leaf.

Brian H | 2011年12月27日

yes, you could even call it a Leaf-blower!


stephen.kamichik | 2011年12月27日

You can call it a Leaf eater.

Larry Chanin | 2011年12月27日

The unlimited mileage on the 85 kWh battery warranty was a very pleasant surprise.

Yes, the added manual sunshade was a positive surprise, but the reasonable price of such a large panoramic roof was an equal surprise.


Volker.Berlin | 2011年12月27日

The unlimited mileage on the 85 kWh battery warranty was a very pleasant surprise. (Larry Chanin)

Oh, absolutely. That should actually have been part of my above list of favorite news. I lost it while I was writing down all the other items... Similarly, 8 years is probably more than many expected, personally I was hoping for 7 years and was definitely expecting limited mileage. Tesla's warranty on the batteries should prove very useful to build some credit of trust towards this new and relatively untried technology.

Robert.Boston | 2011年12月27日

Great starter list, VB, esp. with addition of the great battery warranty on every battery, esp. the 85kWh pack. I would add

Universal Mobile Connector included in price, with J1772 as well as 240/120.
Power rear liftgate: a feature I love on my BMW, unexpected here.
Electrochromatic side mirrors: offered as an option, presumably means electrochromatic rearview mirror is standard.

discoducky | 2011年12月27日

I'm in line with everyone above...

8yrs/125000 for 60KWh battery, power rear liftgate, J1772 and dryer plug (means I recharge at any RV/campsite; family vacations are going to be cheap as chips!), normal sedan exterior dimensions (fits in my garage!) and the best one of all is that I know I'll get it in the Fall!

Jason S | 2011年12月27日

Aero wheels were rumored and are now confirmed.

The target prices were basically as expected; 10k per major option upgrade (more range, performance).

The upgraded seating for $1500 is actually pretty reasonable -- you get heated front seats and leather. There is ALOT of seating in the car, so it could've cost more.

EFusco | 2011年12月27日

The charger door that opens automatically when you approach with the sweet is that!

I also like the seat, mirror and steering wheel automatically adjusting to the driver (based upon the fob you're carrying).

mcornwell | 2011年12月27日

Evan, it'll be like a baby bird opening it's mouth when the mother comes near it with food :-)

JoeFee | 2011年12月27日

I'm P469 and was happy to see the Performance S priced below the Sig. I hope I can afford to upgrade next year …. eat dust Fisker …. Happy Holidays everyone!!!

mscottring | 2011年12月28日

I think the fact that they're able to build the car at all, much less at the starting price of $49k (after incentives) is simply incredible. Really. Yes, I'm glad they announced the sun shade as well, yada yada. But this is an amazing, game changing car, at a relatively affordable price. Lets all be thankful for that.

Brant | 2011年12月29日

1) They stuck to their quoted pricing unlike so many other EV's
2) They listened to us about the sunshade and adjusted
3) They surprised and delighted many with the performance option available at the start of production
4) 1st DC charger at Harris Ranch so I can get to LA and back
5) Great battery warranty
6) j-1772 adapter included
7) Air suspension is offered at a surprisingly low price
8) the Best EV available by any metric

Mycroft | 2011年12月29日

Excellent list Brant!

David M. | 2011年12月29日

#1 - Ever since I reserved my Model S 14 months ago, Tesla has stuck to their production timeline. That's huge! To me, that's more important than the pricing of any option.
#2 - Inclusion of cables and adapters!
#3 - Maintaining base pricing, and battery pricing.
#4 - Excellent 8 year battery warranty exceeded my expectations and sends a strong positive message to prospective customers. Also helps resale value for customers that want to trade up after 5 or 6 years.

Anxiously await delivery in 2012. No More Gas!

Schlermie | 2011年12月29日

Turning circle = 37ft

Sure, that's nothing to brag about, but I was worried it would be a few feet bigger, considering how big the car is.

ncn | 2011年12月29日


Air suspension was very reasonably priced.

Free access to Supercharger network was a nice surprise -- if, of course, it actually ever gets built in my Charge-Free Wasteland of Upstate New York.

Aero 19" wheels are very reasonably priced, unless you're a Signature buyer, in which case grrrrr.

Turning radius was satisfying.

Including at least one cable is satisfying.

If the so-called "dryer socket" is NEMA 14-50 (the campground socket), that's great. If it's NEMA 14-30, that's.... not. (The actual dryer socket is NEMA 14-30.)

Douglas3 | 2011年12月29日

It's really a NEMA 14-50.

ncn | 2011年12月30日

Excellent. Could they please change their website to call it a "campground socket"? Most people won't be able to unplug their dryers and plug it in....

Soflauthor | 2011年12月30日

If it's actually a NEMA 14-50, TM might add that parenthetically in the website description — e.g., "... campground socket (NEMA 14-50) ..."

That will remove ambiguity and allow those of us who want to install the line in our garage to begin the job a little early.

Peter Spirgel | 2011年12月30日

I spoke to tesla regarding installing a electrical line and socket to my garage. Wanted to take advantage of the tax credit for residential charging infrastructure (30% of cost - set to expire in 2011). Tesla rep recommended that I have the electrical line run BUT that I wait a few weeks to install the plug. The NEMA. 14-50 he explained, is not designed to be plugged in and unplugged repeatedly. Tesla is seeking approval of a new plug design that will be designed to last with this kind of use and should have an announcement shortly on the specifications. Based on his advice, I just ran the line and I'm waitingnfor tesla to announce the new improved plug design. For what it's worth, I also elected to skip the wall charger ( even though it looks great and would charge my car to be (leaning toward a sig sport - I have sig res#620) because of the cost to install and my expected charging times. I plan to re-charge every night and that should be more than sufficient to start each day with a "full tank".

Jason S | 2011年12月30日

Why would one need to repeatedly plug/unplug a NEMA 14-50 installed specifically for the car? Just leave the cable plugged into the wall when not in use...

William13 | 2011年12月30日

The charge cable would be unplugged when leaving town to take the charge cable in the car.

Robert.Boston | 2011年12月30日

Also, in addition to William13's excellent point, some of us do not have garages. Life in the big city (and in the rural wilds).

jkirkebo | 2011年12月31日

I f I buy a Model S I'll buy the HPC2 even though I can't feed it more than ~24A. Packing and unpacking the UMC2 all the time will get old really soon, and I guess a spare UMC2 will cost at least as much as the HPC2. The HPC2 also looks nicer on the wall and has a place to hang the cable.

Leofingal | 2011年12月31日

I think the UMC2 will probably be cheaper, but we'll see.

ckessel | 2011年12月31日

Why would you unpack and pack the UMC "all the time". Seems like you'd only unplug it from your garage on planned road trips.

Mycroft | 2011年12月31日

I'm betting the minimum price for the UMC will be $900 and more likely $1,000.

jkirkebo | 2011年12月31日

I'll be buying the Model S for long distance driving. We will keep our Leaf for around-town errands as we need two cars and the Model S is much too big for that use. So I'll basically need the UMC nearly every time I take the car out. Or at least want to take it with me as my most used destination is within round trip range but also has free charging available. It'll be silly not to recharge the car for free when I'm parked for 7-10 hours anyway :)

petero | 2012年1月1日

I apologize for being slightly off subject… but on a positive note. Yesterday, my wife and I visited the West Los Angeles TM showroom and sat in their red Signature. We loved the car in October and it looked even better yesterday. We can’t wait for December 2012 (ETA P3,916).

The fact that TM could conceive, design, and develop the “S” and pretty much hit all their targets is monumental. Many forum writers are being far more critical of TM than they should. I promise, none of us obsessed over our previous car(s) like we have with the “S,” and that includes the first car we dreamed about as teenagers

To one and all, Happy Holidays and I know 2012 will be a great new year.