Proposed name for Gen III car... The Tesla Grin

Proposed name for Gen III car... The Tesla Grin

Every Tesla owner on the forum already talks about the Tesla grin, maybe we make it official.

Brian H | 2013年3月5日

Only TM can make it official, and Elon is an engineer, not into such cutesy stuff. Not happening.

Noah.S | 2013年3月5日

Might make it a little weird in a conversation.
"what kind of car do you drive?"
"I have a grin" =)

I could see it in an ad though, "come find out what owners are calling 'the Tesla Grin' "

TeslaRocks | 2013年3月5日

Even in English, people would be like "you drive a what?". In marketing class, my prof said that a brand name has to be easy to pronounce, understand, and remember in virtually all languages. That name scores about 0. Sorry.

I like the Model such and such trend, because everyone knows what is a model, and its simple and catchy, yet not pretentious or ridiculous like some other vehicle names out there.

GeekEV | 2013年3月5日

Model F (for family car) maybe?

TeslaRocks | 2013年3月5日

Possibly. I look forward to finding out. The Bluestar is supposed to be even better than the Whitestar (model S), from what I read or heard somewhere, so it will be exciting to find out. Tesla will keep raising the bar and that is what they need to do, constantly.

dstiavnicky | 2013年3月6日

@Brian H
Do you actually think that Elon has the time to get involved in every single little detail of every car and not rely on his marketing professionals. The last thing any engineer should do is get involved in marketing. I hope you are wrong about his involvement.

I'm not proposing this name I simply think it could be appropriate for a certain lower end fun family car. I work in advertising / branding and have named numerous products and companies. You have to let these thing 'grow' on you. Half of the car names out there today sound strange if you think about it too much... think about it.

Brian H | 2013年3月6日

I can almost guarantee that he personally set the TM naming convention. Simple and functional. Marketers inspire themselves with BS and imagine others love it too.

TeslaRocks | 2013年3月6日

Well who ever is the mastermind(s) of marketing behind Tesla Motors, they are doing an amazing job. I suspect Elon does have some input in the process, or at least exercises his veto if bad ideas come along, because he seems to be the official PR person for Tesla and SpaceX since he's always giving interviews. He's building what could be the biggest empire ever and manages to still make it feel personal from our point of view. Even Genghis Khan probably couldn't achieve that.

FLsportscarenth... | 2013年3月7日

Sorry to be mean... but really cheesy...

holidayday | 2013年3月7日

I much prefer "Roadster" to "Model S".
For that matter, for GenIII, I much prefer the codename "BlueStar" to any other "Model blah" that will be coming out of Tesla.
"Model X" - seems to indicate that subseequent models will follow the "Model Letter" theme.

Highly unimaginative.

But I guess if it was good enough for Ford's "Model T". . .

holidayday | 2013年3月7日

(before posting that comment, I was going to search for threads about naming the upcoming car)

My thoughts to add were to expand on the Tesla name:
Tesla worked on electricity and magnetism, and even a unit of magnetism is named after him.

So: Here goes some (mostly hairbrained but fun) names related to electricity and magnetism (or to Tesla himself):

Tesla Mag (netism)
Tesla Spark (did someone use that one already?)
Tesla Tron (not the movie, *elec*)
Tesla Edison (although others may object to the use)
Tesla Light
Tesla Dark
Tesla Plasma
Tesla Sun
Tesla Coil (although if you say you have one. . .)
Tesla Loop
Tesla Copper
Tesla Ray (but not the Death Ray)
Tesla Colorado (or is that a Chevy?)
Tesla Helix
Tesla Ion (apologies to Saturn)
Tesla Energy
Tesla Current
Tesla Patent
Tesla Physics (yep yep, I'm a geek)
Tesla Theory
Tesla B612 (okay, unrelated to Tesla)

Discuss and skewer!

JrJerry | 2013年3月8日

Tesla BlueStar
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The Tesla BlueStar is the proposed third generation electric car to be manufactured by Tesla Motors, with a production goal of 2015.[1] Tesla intends the car to have a price of around US$30,000.[2][3] Technology from Tesla's Model S line may also make its way into the BlueStar line. [4] "It would be quite similar to the Model S but scaled down."[5] Although the Model S is generally a standard looking car, the third generation vehicle will have more distinctive style. [6]

The company had plans for the BlueStar as part of its trickle-down strategy, where the battery and electric drivetrain technology would be developed and paid for through sales of the Tesla Roadster and Tesla Model S vehicles.[7][8] The BlueStar line is being co-developed with the Model X, an SUV variant of the Model S.

^ Musk, Elon (2012-02-10). "New Tesla Roadster Delayed 'Til 2015; Gen 3 EV Next". Retrieved 2012-12-24.

Brian H | 2013年3月8日

Bluestar, GenIII, etc., are just "placeholder" names.

Mark Z | 2013年3月8日

Model A - It's Affordable!

GeekEV | 2013年3月8日

@Mark Z - That would work too. :-D

up north | 2013年3月8日

the model

Vawlkus | 2013年3月10日

Model Gr.