Question for Tesla re Screens

Question for Tesla re Screens

Anyone know if the Model S screens are visible through polarized sunglasses? I know that my phone screen goes black - this is actually somewhat important to those of us that buy expensive progressive prescription glasses - (any youngsters won't have a clue what I'm talking about - but they will eventually!)


Volker.Berlin | 2012年1月6日


Teoatawki | 2012年1月6日

You should add this question to the NAIAS thread.

Robert22 | 2012年1月6日

....and ask about the panoramic roof while you're at it please.

discoducky | 2012年1月6日

Funny, but I had my polarized Oakleys on when were at Freemont and I could see the display fine.

Also, my 2003 MINI Cooper S has a nav screen that I cannot see very well with these same polarized glasses on. Turning my head slightly makes it all disappear.

Leofingal | 2012年1月6日

Most modern displays have the polarization at 45 degrees to prevent the polarized sunglasses problem. You should end up with about half the screen brightness I think.

mscottring | 2012年1月7日

AH! Great question, I use polarized progressives myself.