Rear facing seats - cargo space?

Rear facing seats - cargo space?

How do the rear facing seats affect cargo space? First, they do fold down flat, correct? And second, what do they fold down into - I assume you're losing something, yes?


dbfish | 2013年4月1日

This should answer your question:

cschock | 2013年4月1日

They fold down into the "hidden" cargo area in the trunk. Honestly, it isn't a huge loss of space in the grand scheme of things. I'm guessing a couple to four cubic feet. Compared to the Frunk, for example, it is tiny.

stimeygee | 2013年4月1日

Actually, that little bit of extra space could come in quite handy. And I'm really not sure if we'd use the rear facing seats and find them a lifesaver... or never use them, ever.

Let me ask this - money aside, if I get the seats and decide I want that bit of extra space and don't want to be toting around the extra weight of the seats, is it possible to remove them? Either oneself, or at a service center? Or once in, are they in?

gagliardilou | 2013年4月1日

I just had them put in. You have so much space in this car that having the seats will be no problem whatsoever - especially since the seats fold away. Also, if they can put them in, they can take them out.

jim b | 2013年4月1日

My kids love the rear facing seats and its their favorite feature of the car.

Corinna | 2013年4月3日

My kids (ages 3 and 6) love, love, love the rear-facing seats and love showing them off to all their friends at school drop off-pick up. Their friends have all demanded their parents get the Model S too because of these rear-facing seats. I had thought I'd only use the jump seats in carpool situations or if family was visiting but I haven't folded the seats down into the well since I got the car because the kids insist on sitting there instead of the 2nd row. So, my regular trunk stuff (computer bag, shopping bags, groceries etc.) now go in the frunk or the 2nd row - there is plenty of room.

Brian H | 2013年4月3日

Heh. Armies of kids demanding TMs with jumpseats. Super!

Lou in SoCal | 2013年4月3日

Anyone find a way to store a stroller with the kids seats up? If so, do you store it in the frunk and what type of stroller? Have a 3 yr old and a newborn so I'll have to lug along a stroller for a little bit for the newborn.

ken830 | 2013年4月4日

Our Snap n' Go fits in the frunk perfectly. And I've seen photos of the City Mini in the frunk as well..

stimeygee | 2013年4月4日

Yeah, that frunk looks like the perfect size for a stroller. The, I don't know how to describe it, the top of the cross shape seems almost designed to slide a stroller into. Haven't done it myself yet but it looks perfect.

michaelknauf | 2013年4月4日

We've got a pretty big stroller, ( a bumblride indy) it folds up and fits into the frunk just fine.

DonS | 2013年4月4日

Rear facing seats seem nice for temperate weather, but there is no heat or AC back there. I can't imagine that little gap from the top of the seat back to the roof is adequate ventilation when it is either 10 degrees or 100 degrees outside.

DFibRL8R | 2013年7月10日

I just discovered it is possible (and quite easy) to remove the rear jump seats. Just unbolt the two easily accessible 7/16 bolts that anchor the entire assembly to the chassis and out it comes. Not sure if removal is officially sanctioned by Tesla but it was simple enough and gives added flexibility for storage etc.

rd2 | 2013年7月10日

I just had them installed two months ago. No appreciable loss of cargo space as I never used that area before. I also tinted the rear hatch windshield to keep it cool. There is also a fan you can get from Amazon if you're worried about the heat, but I don't think it is needed.

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 2018年8月26日

Resurrecting this old thread due to the new Refresh Model 3 mini-frunk or micro-frunk:

Any thoughts on where to store a stroller if you have an infant in the middle seat and a toddler occupying the rear-racing seats? Don’t want to risk putting a stroller back there with the toddler as it would potentially turn into a projectile in an accident!!

Lou in SoCal | April 3, 2013
Anyone find a way to store a stroller with the kids seats up? If so, do you store it in the frunk and what type of stroller? Have a 3 yr old and a newborn so I'll have to lug along a stroller for a little bit for the newborn.

Tldickerson | 2018年8月27日

@MelaniaFromBrentwood, when you say (new Refresh Model 3) are you just talking about a Model 3? The word refresh threw a curve at me. Can the stroller be placed in the front passenger seat next to you if it doesn't fit in the trunk or frunk?

Mathew98 | 2018年8月27日

She meant the new nose job MS...

Just give the 3YO a booster seat in the second row.

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 2018年8月27日

Yeah I meant Model S -- sorry! Want to use the rear facing seats though... Nope stroller too big for front passenger seat...