Rear-seat entertainment?!

Rear-seat entertainment?!

Anyone else think that, given the Model X's target market, it had better have an RES option?

mvbf | 2012年2月12日

These days you can just hang an iPad with more functionality off the back of the seat in front of you.

phb | 2012年2月12日

Yeah, but then I can't control it for my kids from the front seat and they're too young to get the videos going themselves.

MikAo | 2012年2月13日

By the date X-model is in production, phb's kids will se sending e-mails. RES in for parents whom want theit kids to come numbminded.

wtrask4 | 2012年2月13日

I'd rather an iPad for the row of kids than a $X,XXX rear entertainment system!

Brian H | 2012年2月14日

Could always keep them amused by doing unpredictable jackrabbit surges and decels :D .

carlgo | 2013年6月19日

I used to do spinouts on a dirt road up behind the house. This was their reward for being good on long trips.

I think a Larson cartoon: The Squid Family on a car trip. The two young squids in the back are misbehaving. "Mom! She is touching me with her tentacles!".

Preferable to rear seat entertainment systems.

kabalah70 | 2013年12月20日

BLUF: RES is dead.

Tablets are a much better option as the kids can continue to watch their movie or play their game, etc. Plenty of headrest mounts for these things too.
With the potential upgrade to LTE+ and adding WiFi hotspot capability, the kids/rear passengers could surf the internet also.

GrnHotChiliEpper | 2013年12月26日

Books, crayons, coloring books ... amazing things.

Kabalah70 is correct about RES. You'd be taking a step backwards with technology, like buying a VCR!

jordanrichard | 2013年12月28日

We all grew up without electronic RES..... To often people just go through life staring at screens, I-Pads, I- Phones, RES screens, etc. and don't have a clue about their surroundings. How about looking out the windows at the scenery going by. It is also possibly better for their developing eyes to look at stuff a varying distances versus a fix screen "X" inches from them. Again, we all made through without TV screens in the car.......

carlgo | 2013年12月28日

Absolutely. Kids that are in my charge will not have their noses in eToys. I keep it fun and entertaining and even educational because I consider that my job. It makes long drives quicker when everyone is engaged, and it keeps me alert.

If elected Dear Leader for Life, there will be no video in cars except for the backup camera which every vehicle will have.

The funny story is that supposedly some guy was arrested for having a porn video on and this offended a family who stopped next to him at a light. His case went all the way up to some higher court because there were issues involving privacy, the pursuit of happiness and, obviously, the right to bare arms....

Brian H | 2013年12月29日

Arms? How about legs?

carlgo | 2014年1月5日

Here is an idea: put a pop-up TV in the frunk. When deployed it would be like being at a drive-in except that you would actually be driving 80. Safety first of course so the active cruise control option would also be required.

Epley | 2014年1月6日

@carlgo LOL

Brian H | 2014年1月6日

If such a car had AI, it would be lonely.

Skotty | 2014年1月27日

I actually hope they have it, but not for the kids. I would use it to listen to DVD movies myself. I just mentioned something about this in a Model S thread. I was trying to figure out how to listen to a DVD in a Model S (I have a large DVD collection and like to listen to movies on weekly long trips I make for work). With no aux in, the final solution I came up with was to use a portable DVD player and an FM transmitter to play the DVD audio via an FM radio station frequency. A functional, if clunky, solution. Would be nice if I could just pay extra for a built in entertainment system that can play DVDs (though the DVD tray would likely be in the back making it difficult to change discs on the road).

In my Volt, I can just put a DVD straight into the disc slot in the center console and listen to a movie. I'll miss that when I trade up cars (note: Chevy dropped this functionality in the 2013s so don't expect this if you look at a new Volt).