Reservation Switching

Reservation Switching

I have just switched my reservation from a P (was 2447) to a Sig. I would like to hear from others who have done this or who switched from Sig to P and their reasoning for it.

My reasoning it I know I really want the nice rims, 300 mile pack, roof, tech package, etc.. Even things like the upgraded stereo - I know I really do not need it but I still feel it would be nice to have. Bottom line is its $14,000 more over ordering with trying to save on costs. I keep my cars a loooong time and I do not want any regrets.I never thought I would pay sooo much for a car but really, there has never, ever been a car like this one and that alone deserves paying a little more. Sure I may wait for kinks to be worked out, 4 wheel drive, etc... but thats like saying I am going to wait till I am financially secure to have children! Sometimes its best just to get started. Finally, I feel I am helping support the changing of an industry, helping the planet, and having 1 in 1000 may make the car valuable later and lastly, the minimum of $16,000 savings over 10 years helps to ease the pain of the cost.

Sorry if this was posted anywhere else before.

DeDe | 2011年12月30日

Posted in reservation tally that we just switched as well from P (#2222) to Sig (#965)...When we did the math on the costs for all the options we wanted the differential was only a few thousand dollars...I REALLY wanted the Signature Red color and was looking for a way to justify that...Like you, we plan to have the car for a very long time, and I didn't want to have any regrets. While I really like the look of the 21" rims, I'm not sure about having to spend the $ for tires every 10k miles...I inquired of Tesla as to whether there could be some swaps of options, and they are looking into it.

We are also looking forward to getting the car earlier and applying for the "white" EV stickers. My husband is commuting up to San Francisco from San Jose 3 times a week and the sooner he can start driving the carpool lane, the better!!

ThomasN | 2011年12月30日

I think there will be just as many people upgrading as downgrading. Hopefully neither will regret their decision.

I understand the 3500 argument, I'm just not convinced its accurate. Sure you could spend the time finding equivalent leather installation for less, as long as you don't pay yourself. I also haven't seen what other differences there will be.

Some might not want all the upgrades ( including myself), but it's a special edition. It's not "My own personal custom special edition". I would love to replace the interior carbon fiber with banana and go for the smaller wheels as well. I'll probably get the 21 and store them in case I ever resell it.

As far as the mandatory sport options. Yeah- major blunder of not simply saying what it will cost. It really set a stereotypical car salesman tone.

Mycroft | 2011年12月30日

I upgraded from P to Sig as soon as Elon announced the Performance package.

My wife and I loved the performance of the Roadster, but we just could not bring ourselves to spend that much money on such an impractical car. Well, if I can't have the Roadster, then I want the next best thing!

I figured the Performance version would be at least $90k and my personality is such that I would probably max out the options, so I went with the "in for a penny" theory and get the car early as a bonus as well.

The additional leather features of the Sigs should look quite nice indeed!

gagliardilou | 2011年12月30日


I wouldnt let the tires bother you. I hava a BMW 545i with run flat tires and I too did not like the expense nor the short life span of them. Goodyear tire was able to get me tires that were half the price (not run flat). The car rides way smoother and they are lasting much longer. Plan to do the same when sig tires need changing.

I will say though I have seen both sig red with white leather and banana leaf and sig shasta white with blk leather and lacewood - I thought I wanted the red but after seeing both inside and out, I feel the white was more attractive inside and out. I was really impressed by it - so much as I think thats the exact car I will get.

Mycroft | 2011年12月30日

If you're going for the white paint, you might as well go with the performance package and get the carbon fiber accents. The exterior carbon accents would look awesome in contrast to the white paint!

What Sig# did you end up with lgagliardi? Mine's #510 from October.

TikiMan | 2011年12月30日

lgagliard wrote... "...My reasoning it I know I really want the nice rims, 300 mile pack, roof, tech package, etc.. Even things like the upgraded stereo..."

FYI... All those features are available to 'P' reservation holders as well (as far as what Tesla has announced).

The only things that are currently only available to Sig holders are...

-Red Paint option.
-White w/ black accent perforated leather option.
-Special door and dash leather.
-Special carbon-fiber exteriors accents.
-Special "Signature" badging.
-Early delivery (first 1000 to own one).
-An extra fee.

Otherwise, the 'P' holder’s advantages are...

-More paint options (as they become available).
-More battery options (including everything the Sig offers)
-More roof options (solid paint matched, solid black colored, and glass with auto-open)
-The chance for the first 1000 cars to get some 'real-world' testing done to work out the kinks, so when they get their car, it will likely spend less time in the shop, or being recalled for upgrades.
-Less expensve, and $35k in their bank, verses Tesla's bank.

TikiMan | 2011年12月30日

Oh, BTW... I have no preference either way, and am not in any way saying one is better than the other. Just re-posting the current facts.

If you can afford the extra $$$$ for the sig, and the extra $35k, I personally would GO FOR IT!

ckessel | 2011年12月30日

I switched from S354 back to P2840. I just don't see anything in the Sig meriting the surcharge, plus I want certain options that are cheaper (paint, tires,1 charger) so the Sig was really a big hit in price. If Tesla gave credit for downgrades, like the $1500 if I want black paint, then I'd probably have stayed a Sig even if I grumbled about the surcharge.

phb | 2011年12月30日

I am curious to see what your Signature reservation number is! I'm sure that we're getting close to 1000.

Mycroft | 2011年12月30日

Actually TikiMan, the carbon fiber accents aren't for the Signature package, they're for the performance package, either Sig or non-Sig.

Also, Sig has the same roof options as P.

gagliardilou | 2011年12月30日


I upgraded my reservation online and they accepted it. I now have to mail them a check and they will assign the number. My guess is I am within the last 30 or so available. As soon as I get the number,I will post it.


I know the options were available on the P reservations but my car price for what I was willing to settle for was only 14k less than the sig. I thought for that price I might as well just go for it. I plan on keeping the car the rest of my life(I turn 49 in Jan)

TikiMan | 2011年12月30日

MyCroft, I was refering to the exterior carbon-fiber accents. I though they were for Sig versions only?

I also wasn't aware Sig holders had a choice on the roof?

TikiMan | 2011年12月30日


Understood. I thought you might have been misinformed.
Congrats on moving up to the Sig! Cheers!

gagliardilou | 2011年12月30日

Thanks TikiMan! Believe me it kills me to spend the money.

Robert.Boston | 2011年12月30日

@TikiMan: Sigs have all three roof options available (body color or black, standard; pano roof, $1500). The black roof isn't an option with the black paint.

DeDe | 2011年12月30日

lgagliardi, good to know about the tires...will keep that in mind if we're not able to get a credit from them...would love to be able to exchange the tires for the pano roof and the twin charger...

We are currently looking at the Signature Red color, tan leather, and banana leaf interior...

Mycroft | 2011年12月30日

TikiMan, the exterior carbon fiber elements are for both the Sig Performance and non-Sig Performance cars.

stephenpace | 2012年1月4日

I upgraded from P (#3331) to Sig (#964) primarily based on the strength of October event and the Houston Galleria store opening. (Also, I want red and my car ASAP.) :-)

While I did this prior to the pricing announcement and have some issues with that that I raised directly to Tesla, I have a feeling that Tesla will work with us to smooth out the kinks (e.g. I'd like to return the performance wheels and get something back in return like a pano-roof and/or charger).

FYI, my rep told me there are very few US Sig spots left, so I don't have any doubt that they'll be able to fill those for folks that downgrade from Sig to standard production.

Anyone want to come help me clean out my garage before summer arrives? :-)

SD in the OC | 2012年1月7日

Downgraded from Sig to P - I will save $6650 for a loaded Performance S in Black with exactly the same features (except the Sig badging) confirmed this with a Tesla Rep at Corporate.

TikiMan | 2012年1月7日

SD in the OC,

I was of the understanding that P holders cannot get the ‘perforated’ leather seats, and or the wrap-around leather interior?

So has that changed?

If so, I am a P holder, and would really like to get perforated leather seats, and wrap-around leather interior on my non-Sig Performance S (fully loaded).

Mycroft | 2012年1月8日

TikiMan, we'll find out for sure when the new Design Studio comes out. My understanding is that the Sigs will have stitched leather on the dash and door panels, but I don't know how the standard model will differ. Perhaps it will use some kind of synthetic pleather instead. We just don't know.