Roadster 1.5 #134 ENGINE FAILURE at 20K miles - out of warranty

Roadster 1.5 #134 ENGINE FAILURE at 20K miles - out of warranty

Tesla Burlingame identified intermittent engine failure that cannot be repaired. Looking at approx 10K unless engine from salvage can be located. Please contact if available.

scapescape | 2015年4月7日

Sorry it's #124

Brian H | 2015年4月8日

"Engine"? Sounds bogus. You supplied no contact info.

scapescape | 2015年4月21日

Ha - motor I mean. Just replaced at Tesla Burlingame. Shop foreman has seen faulty roadster motors 5-6 times since working on ground floor. Supposedly an internal fault occurs in the coils when you step on it. Wish it happened under warranty.

At least I get to keep the core. I'm going to try and rebuild/sell for 1/2 new. I can be reached at

WØQR | 2015年4月25日

Pictures if you can..and especially if you locate the fault on disassembly.

scapescape | 2015年6月2日

Old motor is out; shipped it to Seattle where a shop owner is going to pop it open, see what's wrong, and try to rebuild it

1110vijaykumar | 2015年6月4日


1110vijaykumar | 2015年6月4日


JeffreyR | 2015年6月5日

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