Runflat or normal tires?

Runflat or normal tires?

I've had runflat tires on my BMW's for 7 years now. Is the Model S getting run flat tires or normal tires? Runflat has some very good safety advantages over normal tires. Downside is that the ride is a lot harsher then with normal tires.

stephen.kamichik | 2011年12月25日

I think normal tires. No mention of run flat tires.

Dennisf | 2011年12月25日

I wonder where the spare tire will be?? Or do we get a tire repair set with it (with ruins your flat tire immediately)?

Larry Chanin | 2011年12月25日

No spare, a tire repair kit.


Mycroft | 2011年12月25日

There's always AAA. You can always install run flats on the next install. They're bloody expensive and ride like carp.

mwu | 2011年12月26日

I personally don't like relying on roadside assistance for something as simple as a tire. I'll buy an extra rim and tire (aftermarket) and keep it in the frunk.

Larry Chanin | 2011年12月26日

I personally don't like relying on roadside assistance for something as simple as a tire. I'll buy an extra rim and tire (aftermarket) and keep it in the frunk.

I wonder why tesla doesn't offer that, along with a jack and a lug wrench, as an option?


stephen.kamichik | 2011年12月26日

Probably to save weight.

Mycroft | 2011年12月26日

... and to save money. A couple hundred here, a couple hundred there, pretty soon we're talking real money!

I'm not sure you could fit a 19" spare tire in the frunk. Need to measure it.

jbunn | 2011年12月27日

Larry, we really don't know what options are being offered at that level of detail. Should have a better idea in about 3 months or so.

David M. | 2011年12月27日

I never want to have runflats again! Hard ride, and really loud.

Teoatawki | 2011年12月27日

Wife's Odyssey has runflats. They don't seem to ride particularly hard or loud. It was a pain when one was punctured, since we had to replace the tire & rim. That was before our local dealer had the special machine to work on them.

David M. | 2011年12月27日

Wow, an Odyssey with runflats! My 2003 Lexus SC430 came with low profile runflats because there was no room for a spare. In my 37 years of driving, I have only used a spare tire twice. Seems silly to lug that thing around all those years.

jkirkebo | 2011年12月28日

I do not want run-flats. Hars ride, loud and expensive. I'll just throw one of the winter tires in the frunk in summer, and one of the summer tires in there in the winter. The frunk seems perfect for carrying a spare tire, UMC & adapters, cans of windshield washer fluid, a jack etc.

Teoatawki | 2011年12月28日

I'll definitely give you expensive, but loud and harsh doesn't match my experience. The Odyssey had runflats so they could save the weight and eke out some extra MPG. They are full height passenger tires. I'd imagine it might be more of a problem with the 21" rims.

I don't want to travel without a charging cord, but other than a small emergency kit, I don't want to weigh my ride down with gear I probably wouldn't use anyway. (Thanks AAA!)

Here's another question: Even if you had a jack, with all that aluminum in the frame and body, where are the safe jack points going to be?

mwu | 2011年12月29日

They usually say in the manual and mark the spots. If you can't find a specifically designated spot, I usually look for spots that are strong and already bearing weight like a fixed part of the suspension. I usually do this anyway since I rarely use the manufacture provided jack (no-thanks to the widow-maker jacks) and I use a floor jack instead. I prefer a racing jack as they are lighter weight (often the frame is made of aluminum), they have a low profile allowing you to roll it up under the car more easily, and they require fewer pumps to get raised.

ncn | 2011年12月30日

"I'm not sure you could fit a 19" spare tire in the frunk. Need to measure it."

It's very close, but I suspect it will fit. It would be smart to make it wo it will fit.

If not, I could always put the spare in the back. The frunk is big enough for my groceries most of the time...

Given that every single time I've had to change a tire (not that often, but on long trips) has been one of the following:
(a) massive blowouts
(b) rim damage

I don't think a tire repair kit is entirely practical.

I may do the thing of carrying a winter tire in the summer, and vice versa in the winter.

However, climate change means I'm reconsidering winter tires. We haven't needed them yet this year. This is upstate NY. If this continues we may simply not get enough weeks of snow to need winter tires rather than all-weathers. I would have needed winter tires ten years ago, but now...

mwu | 2011年12月30日

One thing to note for those thinking about wheel options and spare situation is that the 19" wheels and the 21" wheels have tires on them that make the outside diameter the same between the two, so if a 19" spare fits, a 21" spare should also fit.

When I get set up with a spare, it won't be bought from Tesla... I'll go to a shop and order a wheel and tire separately within the same dimensions so that I won't pay out the nose for it. The wheel probably won't look the same, but I don't care on a spare.

Brian H | 2011年12月30日

you might want to reconsider/hold off on that "climate change" thing. The indications for some time have been turning the other way; it now looks like there will be a 20-yr or so cold trend. The sun cycle has gone very quiet, which portends increased cloudiness and cooler temps.

Just sayin'.

Timo | 2011年12月31日

Brian H, if you look at the real data you would see that there is no indication of colder period. It gets hotter. That is just plain fact which has been acknowledged by even some hardcore ex-environment skeptics. You should really forgo that denial and start looking at the real data. That said, global environment and local weather are not the same thing. If sea currents change even a little temperature change in land near those currents change a lot more than global change does. It changes rain patterns, temperatures, winds, storms. Old wet areas turn deserts, deserts to forests etc. Everything changes. It can also mean way colder winter with lots and lots of snow in places where snow is a rarity just as well as hot summers and temperate winter in places where it should be cold.

Don't make tire selections based on small global temperature change. If you did need snow tires 10 years ago you probably do need them in close future too. More moisture in atmosphere caused by raise in temperature might just as well mean more snowfall as no snow at all.

Brian H | 2011年12月31日

No, Timo, you're way behind the curve. The only warming has been recovery from the Little Ice Age, beginning in the late 19th Century, for which we should be grateful. Humans and all other species do better in warm. Hope the trend continues, and that the coming decades of cooling are temporary.

There is no "incremental" dangerous warming, except in kluged Global Circulation Models, no two of which can be fiddled enough to agree.

Robert.Boston | 2012年1月1日

Let's keep OT, please. There are other forums to debate climate matters.

discoducky | 2012年1月1日

Can't imagine driving a performance car with run flats. My MINI Cooper S originally had run flats. With race light wheels and just all seasons the ride was night and day. I'd rather replace with 4/32's left, use fix-a-flat for minor leaks and not lug around a spare or donut. I'll need all that cargo space.

Brian H | 2012年1月1日

Run flats are a solution to a sub-group's problems, not most people's. Put another way, who's had a situation where the runflats were needed and useful?

Teoatawki | 2012年1月1日


I picked up a bolt in a rear tire. Drove to my favorite tire store, who couldn't help me. Then I drove to the dealership who replaced the tire under the included road hazard insurance. Total run flat driving: around 15 miles, all surface streets.

BruceR | 2012年1月1日

Had runflat all seasons in my MINI for the first two years. Changed to non-runflat performance summer and a seperate set of winter tires/wheels. No comparison. I think most of America has swallowed the baloney about all season tires being a good compromise. Nothing could be further from the truth in my opinion. All season run flats are an even worse compromise.

Current tires are quieter, ride smoother, and handle 1000% better than the originals in both summer and winter. Side benefit is the forced rotation every spring and fall. (two complete wheel/tire sets is the only way to go!)

First thing I will add to my S is a good set of 19 inch winter tires. This is also an oppurtunity to get a set of aftermarket 19 inch turbine wheels for way less than what TESLA will charge. Followed by a set of performance summer tires when the original all seasons get worn.(low profile 21s are not an option in the pothole strewn roads I drive in.)

Brian H | 2012年1月1日

Yeah; I guess, tho', part of it is that up front one set of all-seasons is cheaper than separate summer/winter sets.