second hand Roadster and resellability ?

second hand Roadster and resellability ?

OK, simple: I need wheels. I ordered Model X, won't come for another 6..9..12.. something months.

I have seen two second hand Roadsters for sale, one 2010 Roaster Sport Signature (beautiful), at 60k$, and another yellow, also 60k$. Not really able to justify keeping both (parking space constraints) - but I'd live to get a Roadster at least until the MX arrives. I might even get used to it, fun little car.

OK, I know - no supercharging. Even if I did the battery upgrade. Bummer.

Question is ... is it very risky getting a Roadster, might I be stuck with it and not be able to resell in a years' time. If I decide not to keep it, that is. A bit over the top for my eldest son when he'll start driving. Not sure my wife would be very excited either... who knows.

I've got my charging sorted out for the Model X, three phase 230VAC, 20A, Mennekes Type 2 EVSE. Roadster is different, right? Well I have a CEE32 outlet at hand, limited to 20A, so 14kW.

What would you do? I'm sure you love your Roadsters... What should I be careful about? HV battery issues if not used for long?


MileHighMotoring | 2015年10月5日

Eric - I'm looking too - would you mind emailing me the details on those cars? I won't buy one from under you but I'd love to learn more PLEASE!

MileHighMotoring (the at symbol) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you.

krissu | 2015年10月5日

I was thinking Roadster to be added as a classic to my garage, but there is one big disadvantage. This is the battery. As all other parts of the car will last same or better in EV, the battery will be a problem or at least major cost issue. As Roadster is produced in really minimum numbers it would be a good classic, but whats with the battery after 10 years?

eric.zucker | 2015年10月5日

Tesla has announced a battery upgrade option for the Roadster. How long this will be offered for is a good question.

I was hoping they would take the opportunity of the battery and PEM upgrade to add Supercharger support to the Roadster, this won't be the case unfortunately.

This said, the Roadster would be a nice second car right alongside my Model X. When I get it, that is.

JeffreyR | 2015年10月9日

The rest of the Roadster's wiring is the issue w/ Supercharger support. That's a lot of juice and it take more than a big battery pack to support it.

eric.zucker | 2015年10月15日

Deal signed, my Roadster Sport Signature arrives Wednesday.

I'm one H-A-P-P-Y fellow!!!!

MileHighMotoring | 2015年10月15日

Congrats! Mine arrives in ... an hour!!

AEdennis | 2015年10月20日

Congratulations on your Roadsters.

We have 2008 Sig 40 purchased from Tesla as CPO...

Just had its 2nd annual (for us) and the car charged to 235 ideal miles in Range mode at 120V and 224 miles at 240V/40A. Since it's a 1.5 it's ineligible for 3.0 upgrade, but the battery still looks pretty good,

The challenge has been the PEM. Had been replaced twice since we got the car.

eric.zucker | 2015年10月21日

... It's here!

... W-O-W ... !!!

AEdennis | 2015年10月22日

Nice car Eric... Enjoy

jonbenn | 2015年10月24日

Be careful. See my October 19 post.

daniel.friederich | 2015年11月11日

Congrats! a very nice beauty.
I started with a Model S early this year and got so convinced about Tesla that I bought a second hand Roadster three months ago and I never regreted it a second. The Roadster is pure driving fun and the range is for a fun car more than satisfying.
Concerning the battery the 3.0 upgrade is expensive and I would (maybe) only do it if my battery is completely worn out. The Roadster is from 2009, got 40.000 KM and the battery still got more than 90% of the original capacity. Even Tesla itself didnt expect the batteries to last this good and long. Meanwhile there are 3rd party EV car repairs which specialize on bad battery sheets or even complete pack repairs.... So, I don't really worry about that anymore. You still got to keep in mind that the Roadster is an exotic not very often seen car and I like the envyness especially of all those Porsche drivers round here when I'm burning some rubber and no fuel ;)

eric.zucker | 2015年11月12日

Congrats to you too @daniel.friederich!

I am absolutely amazed at how much fun this Roadster is to drive. The other day I had a very impatient BMW M3 driver on my tail, so I flipped the ignition into Performance mode and floored it on the uphill ramp entering the highway, got into the traffic and set my cruise control within the unofficially tolerated margin above the speed limit.

Poor chap never figured out what happened. Some kind of time warp, conflict between 2nd vs 3rd millenium technology. Eventually he caught up and passed me giving me a big thumbs up... with a very puzzled look

As for the battery upgrade, I have little use for the extra range today. Commuting from home to work, I can charge twice a week without stress. I normally plug it in every night, as it's supposed to be better for the battery. I may do it mainly to secure it's resale value later on, if I get as much fun driving the Model X.

Tomorrow my Roadster goes in for service, and I have the official inspection in the afternoon. Just looking forward to the ride to the Tesla service center 45 minutes away and back... impatient even.

It's not driving, it's real rollercoaster grade thrill.

richardean412 | 2015年11月16日

For Sale: 2010 Fusion Red Roadster 2.5,( Delivered 12-8-2010) 22K miles, Approx. cost $140K, Just serviced for the 5th time 10-20-2015,175 mile range in Standard mode, New tires(4)10-10-2015. One Year extended warranty remaining, expires/12-8-2016.
Mint condition $80K

eric.zucker | 2015年12月2日

My roadster passed the inspection without issues. Had I arrived in a UFO, I would have not had a different welcome... Big discussion as to the real power rating. 40kW vs 215kW. Doesn't matter, we have a flat tax rate for EVs anyway.

Test drive was real fun. The guy had such a blast we drove 4 laps round the track - said he could do this all day and not get a single remark from the boss from the noise.

As long as the weather is holding up, I'm commuting to work in the Roadster. Will fall back to the old Subaru 4WD when the snow arrives - don't need someone ramming into my beauty.