Sig holder deliveries of the Model X have started

Sig holder deliveries of the Model X have started

Edit: this video is not of a Sig car. It's actually Vin 3, a Founders car.

thevangoghs | 2015年10月5日

Nope...Thats a Founders Edition...

EVino | 2015年10月5日

I stand corrected. How many Founders cars are there? I thought just ones on reveal, no?

NumberOne | 2015年10月5日

6 when Elon's is included.

EVino | 2015年10月5日

This video is of a Founder edition, not Sig, as noted by @thevg.
Vin #3 Mark Templeton, Tesla Motors fan and early Roadster owner.

NumberOne | 2015年10月5日

The one linked above was at the reveal Vin #3.

NumberOne | 2015年10月5日

I guess you hit submit before I did..

carlk | 2015年10月5日

I was at Tesla Santana Row store yesterday. The lady there told us the store will get a car in 1~2 months and Tesla will ship ~1000 cars before the holiday. She then added "we all know what a Tesla schedule is".

lvaneveld | 2015年10月5日

Which holiday?

NumberOne | 2015年10月5日

I hope she was referring to Columbus Day, but more likely Christmas. She could have been talking about Thanks Giving, and that would be great too, but all else aside, we know (a)Tesla's schedule, and (b) how much info the sales people at the store actually have. They often hear things for the first time from people like us.

Blue Diamond | 2015年10月5日

A friend said he saw a Model X (reddish color I think he said) at the St Augustine, FL superchargers. He said he saw the doors go up and went to speak to them. They got it about a week ago.

carlk | 2015年10月5日

X'mas. I asked her that too to confirm.

EVino | 2015年10月5日

A friend from Fremont claims to have seen a car carrier delivery truck with the Model Xs loaded, leaving last Friday. I know-- pics or it didn't happen. | 2015年10月6日

Actually, I think the holiday is St. Swithins day.:-))

jamestily | 2015年10月6日

The holiday is X-mas

thevangoghs | 2015年10月6日

@Evino - "A friend from Fremont claims to have seen a car carrier delivery truck with the Model Xs loaded, leaving last Friday. I know-- pics or it didn't happe"

I heard the same comment of a car transport truck loaded with 2 Model S's and 3 larger cars all wrapped up that had the same shape as the X...I didn't want to post since I didn't see it and didn't want to spread rumors...but perhaps there are some shipment going out...Testing? Marketing? Hope to know soon...Info usually released on Tuesday and Thursday....

gimp_dad | 2015年10月6日

To answer the OP's follow up question (at least partially): there were 42 Founder models with the Model S. It seems reasonable to guess that it is in that range for the Model X. I don't think Tesla ever announced the number 42 but this was gleaned from the boards so it is possible it is off by one or two.

Also, when the Model S was launched there were a handful of Founder cars delivered on the reveal day just like with the Model X. I believe the next Founder deliveries were about a month later and then started to pick up the pace with the Sig deliveries not long after that. I'm not sure how indicative this might be for the Model X ramp but, clearly, they have a lot more experience ramping a robotic production line and I wouldn't be surprised to see a steeper ramp starting after a couple of months of careful/watchful production.

jdb | 2015年10月6日

1,000 by Christmas? That's disappointing. Doesn't Elon know that we have our annual New Years Day party, and on that day in 2013 probably were responsible for at least several subequent MS sales by showing off our sig red MS. Yes, we did drop down to production reservation in mid 600's, can't have two Sig red cars in one family, but Elon should be advised to speed up the production to help New Years Day sales. Cheers.

carlk | 2015年10月6日

Tesla did ask sig reservation holders to config. I thought that was a good sign but now I'm not so sure anymore.

rossRallen | 2015年10月6日

The holiday could, technically, be New Year's or Easter ...or, here in CA, Cinco de Mayo.

We saw how "delivery in the 3rd Quarter" turned out to be 6 Founders' cars on the next-to-last day in September, so a broad definition of "before the holiday" is certainly warranted.

From my personal experience, Tesla Sales people are never told anything strategic.

I was much less cynical before I started making plans in Tesla-time.

rossRallen | 2015年10月6日

After running the Google on St. Swithin's Day, I see @george is even more cynical than I.

The only hope is that Tesla Sales people have never heard of St. Swithin's Day.

dave | 2015年10月6日

I just spoke to Fremont sales who told me they expect to have all of the Sig X's produced by end-2015!! He also said that they have "no plans at all" to make a fold-down second row of seats. I reserved a Production X on 8/28/2013. My reservation was #5000+ and they told me I can now expect delivery by "late Spring, 2016".
We are avid bikers and skiers so we wanted an All Wheel Drive vehicle that could also hold our bikes. That sounded like the MX at the time we reserved.
We've been waiting over 2 years and now it looks more like 3 years. Plus the lack of fold-down seats requires the bikes and skis to be on an external rack with all of the road grit they will accumulate.
It looks like we will have no choice but to cancel the MX reservation and get an MS.

rossRallen | 2015年10月6日

Sorry to hear that, Dave. I understand your disappointment. You're sure you can't go with stowing the bikes in the back with the front wheels turned or taken off? 5 minutes or less of inconvenience and you'll still have a fine vehicle for the rest of its intended purposes.

rossRallen | 2015年10月6日

and, @dave: The skis might require the 6-passenger version... I'd really try to make it work.

NumberOne | 2015年10月6日

I have waited since 2012, and just today had to spend $1k on repairs for my truck, which I had hoped I would have sold by now. It would be very nice it Tesla started letting standard production reservation holders configure. I have had my reservation for since 2012. We still have no idea how many (if any) Model Xes would be delivered this year.

dave | 2015年10月6日

@rossFallen, I have tried to visualize how, even with the front wheels removed, the bikes could fit in what I understand to be 60" or less of space and can't see how it works. If we had some more info upon which to make a decision (actual dimensions of the rear storage with seats fully forward, for instance), it would really help. I love all the features of the MX, except for the second row seats.

craig | 2015年10月6日

@LeonardD I feel your pain! I just hit 112,000 miles on my truck so this week I bought a used car just to drive until the Model X arrives. Shopped until I found a low mileage vehicle that I could buy for less than what I could sell or trade it in for. It had only 15,000 miles on it and I'm really hoping I don't get the opportunity to hit 100,000 miles on this one too.

rossRallen | 2015年10月6日

@dave: if you can keep your reservation until some of us get our Sig Xs, we could get you all the measurements. And, didn't @carlk say that there will be demo units at Tesla's Santana Row store in 1-2 Tesla-months.

Tâm | 2015年10月6日


If current Model X's cargo length is good enough, Elon would have demonstrated the same way as what he could do in the prototype.

Instead, it was a diversion for the Event Launch to make sure we forgot that those second row seats were supposed to fold.

It was so smooth to see a nice young child who was able to assemble an accessory hitch in seconds for the convenience of carrying a bike in the back and outside of the vehicle.

It was so awesome to see the SUV pulled a trailer strapped with a surfboard on the side...

However, what the Launch Event did not disclose was: All those skis, bikes, surfboards and more were a perfect fit in the interior of the Prototype.

The Launch Event was now promoting to haul all those outside of the Model X.

We would love to hear your report of your Sig but in the mean time, it doesn't look good if you hope to utilize the interior cargo of Model X in comparison with Model S!

rossRallen | 2015年10月6日

Agree @Tâm - There was indeed deflection away from the second row seats at the event. The seats were the elephant in the room. I noticed that during the trailer pull, the couple holding babies stood in front of the seats, blocking their view through the open FW doors! At least for awhile. The one thing, besides the front of the car, that everyone wanted to see!

But, what about the photo on the website showing a (single) bike with front wheel turned? Two bikes lying on top of each other and skis would be interesting to demo.

As for the accessory rack: bikes and skis would get dirty, as someone observed. And as an engineer, I'll add that the aerodynamic drag may be substantially increased - granted that there is some benefit being in the turbulent wake of the body and spoiler. Tesla considered removing the side mirrors to reduce drag, so think of the effect of the area and high drag coefficient of a jumble of bikes and skis hanging off the back! I didn't get the rack even though it's free.

Gayatrikr | 2015年10月7日

C Elon's tweet of suction cups and use one side door for skis on top gursnteed to work on high sppeds

Ankit Mishra | 2015年10月7日

Why not consider the 6 seater version? It has a lot of space to fit long items.
@Tam & @rossRallen
I understand that folding seats are important for you guys, but please don't blame Tesla for diversion or trying to stand in front of seats. In my opinion folding is not important for Tesla and hence they didn't talked about it. They concentrated their attention on average buyer and not on the niche who want to haul large cargo in the car or to sleep inside the car. Still, they tried to accommodate that niche by giving the 6 seat option. Even the prototype merely showed a picture of folding seats, it wasn't showed in live demo. No need to find conspiracy theories here guys.

Tâm | 2015年10月7日

@Ankit Mishra

There are 5 stages of grief:

1) denial
2) anger
3) bargaining
4) depression
5) acceptance

We have just advanced all the way to 1) denial: "It just can't be real, wait until the Launch Event, wait until General Productions!"

Ankit Mishra | 2015年10月7日

So the anger is yet to come? Okay. Bargaining=Letters?. Its disappointing that you guys are in this position after waiting for so long. No need to be depressed or to accept a product you don't think works for you. Folding seats might come in about 12-18 months (think present X as P85D and folding one as P90D). Tesla cant release a new version soon otherwise owners will complain. But be persistent in asking Tesla about it.

thevangoghs | 2015年10月7日

The only indication of timing of SIG deliveries, is on the email I received after confirmation. I confirmed SIG700 on 9/25 and the email asked me to send notification if I had had any extended trips "in the coming months" that the delivery would need be planned around... hopefully "months" is 2 or 3 and not more than that....Time will tell

Ankit Mishra | 2015年10月7日

Well I think its to prevent damage to delivery numbers due to people being on vacation near Christmas like last year. Thats a good sign.

vandacca | 2015年10月7日

I just wanted to make a quick comment about the Reveal Event on Sept 29th. Of course Tesla is not going to make any announcements about the 2nd row not folding. This is a reveal event and Tesla is trying to sell cars. They are going to focus on the positive features of the car and they're not going to publicize what the car can't do. And there is no point in mentioning any shortcomings if there is no imminent solution.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年10月7日

FYI... For those of you who may not be fans of Douglas Adams' writing, the number '42' is the 'Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything'. He wrote a series of books (a four-or-five-part trilogy) called 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' that revealed the value of 42, and then explored exactly what the question may have been... Yes, it is science fiction, and very comedic, hence the very silly definition of 42 above. It is meant to be funny. So, yes... When someone asked how many Model X Founders cars would be built, I answered '42' -- because it is funny.

Tâm | 2015年10月7日

@Red Sage ca us

Too logical Mr. Spock!

carlk | 2015年10月7日

@Tâm Or 7 stages with the last stage after acceptance being hope.

rossRallen | 2015年10月7日

I'm at Stage 5, with 6 being delivery.

rossRallen | 2015年10月7日

Well, no, I didn't mean grief at Stage 6. Maybe nirvana.

johnse | 2015年10月8日

@Red Are you aware that the math for the Question works in base 13?

Red Sage ca us | 2015年10月12日

Yeah. But Douglas Adams said he only chose 6 x 9 = 42 because it was FUNNY. He specifically stated that Base 13 is NOT funny.

How many roads must a man walk down?


Works for me!

Michael | 2015年10月24日

Sig x holder. I just received by VIN number reservation is 400-500.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年10月25日

Heh. I was watching 'The AVENGERS' (2012) last night and noticed that the Tesseract was anomaly #042! | 2015年10月25日

A four or five part trilogy?

shop | 2015年10月25日

Yes, a five part trilogy. HHGTTG started off life as a BBC radio serial, then got a cheesy TV series treatment, then it got tured into a three book trilogy ... Which grew to five books. And then a not very good movie.

It is a toss up which is better, the radio serial, or the books. They both are very intelligent and funny.

And getting back to the topic at hand, founder car #8 was delivered to its owner last Sunday the 18th. According to her, there are only 9 or 10 founder cars (from a TMC thread).

Red Sage ca us | 2015年10月25日


jacksiart | 2015年10月26日

There are 10 types of people that understand binary - Those that understand soon and those that don't.