sig holders

sig holders

I really like the white but sense I am in the minority. I would like to create a post to track what color, leather color and wood accent. Here's where I am leaning after seeing and sitting in both the red sig with white leather and banana leaf and the shasta white sig with blk leather and lacewood. Look at the entries above yours and add a number if it already exist otherwise start at 1. If there are not a lot of shasta white sigs, maybe my car will be highly sought after 50 years from now by collectors!

Shasta white - 1
blk leather - 1
lacewood - 1

jbherman | 2011年12月30日

That's exactly the combo I'm currently looking at...sorry! Although that could easily change when I see it live.

Shasta white-2
blk leather-2

Mycroft | 2011年12月30日

I'm getting the Red Sig Performance with white leather and of course the carbon fiber accents.

If I were getting the Shasta White, I'd definitely want the carbon fiber. The external CF accents will look amazing with Shasta White!

Mycroft | 2011年12月30日

I wish I could go with the Shasta. The black leather would be a no-brainier and much easier to keep clean!

Jason S | 2011年12月30日

Red, Tan, Lacewood is the combo I'm looking at for Sig
For Performance Sig... Silver, Tan, Carbon. (Yeah, downgrade the paint but I think the perf would look fantastic in Silver)

I may change mind to other colors once viewing everything in person.

DartLady S77 | 2011年12月31日

Amazing how quickly the instructions were totals including mine:

Shasta White - 2
Red - 3
Black Leather - 2
Lacewood - 4
Tan Leather - 2
White Leather - 1
Carbon Fibre - 1

Which makes mine Red, Tan, Lacewood

gagliardilou | 2011年12月31日

Seems that the top of the dash is black no matter which leather is chosen and thats why I liked the blk leather, it makes the whole dash look more cohesive.

In addition, I do not believe we will get to see all the colors and interiors before having to choose which is hard for me because I am a visual person.

Thanks DartLady for getting us back in line!

DeDe | 2011年12月31日

Red, tan, banana leaf for us:

Signature red - 4
Shasta white - 2

Tan leather - 3
Black leather - 2
White leather - 1

Lacewood - 4
Carbon fibre - 1
Banana leaf - 1

Mycroft | 2011年12月31日

lgagliardi, wait 'til you see the new Design Studio. It will let you mix and match all the possible options and let you see how they look - probably in 360deg views.

I'm betting that unlike Porsche, the lateral supports on the sport seats can be a contrasting color. If so, I'll likely change my vote from white.

gagliardilou | 2011年12月31日


I guess thats the next best thing to seeing it live. Once its up I'll have to see if my choices change.

dborn | 2012年1月1日

Red 5
at least, until one can see it in person.

cosmomusic | 2012年1月1日

Am looking at Sig Performance if I like Carbon fiber accents. I do need to see how Carbon accents work with different color schemes. Most cars look better in certain colors, so need to see real thing or excellent Design Studio replication. Until then I am up in the air.I will go with Sig if I don't like carbon accents - I have no idea what the carbon accents look like anyway.

Waymond | 2012年1月7日


There is an example of how the carbon accents looks like in the interiors just to the left and right of the display shown on the photo of the touchscreen at the options & pricing page.

cosmomusic | 2012年1月7日


Your info is much appreciated. Looks like a nice appointment for Dash.
With appropriate interior color scheme, could make nice contrast.

ncn | 2012年1月12日

White exterior, white interior, banana leaf. With a white roof.

I may well have a unique, or at least very unusual, combo. It'll certainly be the palest model S out there (at least until someone does custom work).

gagliardilou | 2012年1月12日


Interesting combo. The iphone also comes in white. That would round out your selection! Its crazy but I have thought about my phone color to go well with the car!

Robert.Boston | 2012年1月12日

@ncn: Buy good sunglasses, dude!

cablechewer | 2012年1月12日

I need to see a bigger sample of the banana leaf and lacewood. However I am presently leaning towards:

Tan leather
Banana leaf

There are simply too many black, silver and white cars on the streets around me. I also want to keep this car for a long time and worry that white leather might shows its age sooner than other colours.