Stereo system impact on driving range

Stereo system impact on driving range

Hi All,

I listen to a lot of music on my long tracks between work and home (good sound is pretty important to me), which got me to wondering what the impact to driving range playing the stereo at max volume would be (using max as a baseline). The Sound Studio Package claims a 580 Watt system, but I don't recall what are the standard sound system parameters. Any one care to comment?

dstiavnicky | 2012年11月30日

I don't care how loud the stereo is, playing music is not the same as moving a vehicle down the road. I would bet it could not impact mileage more than 2-3%. Definitely less than a heater or A/C unit.

mrspaghetti | 2012年11月30日

2-3% would be grossly overestimating it, I'd say. I doubt you could measure any impact on mileage outside of a controlled laboratory experiment with very sensitive equipment.

stephen.kamichik | 2012年11月30日

The standard system is rated at 200 watts.

tsx_5 | 2012年11月30日


This just means I will be able to blow my ears out...

dahtye | 2012年11月30日

I agree. The audio system uses insignificant power compared to what the car needs to move.
I see much more impact using the A/C and Heater. With the fan at full and the heater on, I see the power meter on the dash actually "non-zero". It looks like somewhere around 2KWh. I turn the HVAC off and the power meter drops to near zero. I turn the seat heaters on, and don't see the power meter move much.

The audio is likely class D amplifiers which run very cool and put most of the power used out to sound pressure.

Steve_P445 | 2012年11月30日

Even the Sound Studio stereo would use 580w only at full, continuous power (in which case, you would not want to be inside the car). A Performance Model S powertrain can pull 310 KILOWATTS of power (over 500 times more than a max volume stereo).

The 85KWh battery (with nothing else drawing power) could theoretically run the upgraded stereo for almost 150 hours at full volume. Great for tailgating!

I think it's safe to say you can crank up the music and not worry about the range impact.

Captain_Zap | 2012年11月30日

While waiting for a ferry for about an hour and a half we browsed the internet, listened to music, fiddled with everything and had the heat on. I may have had a seat heating for part of that time too. We only lost 3 miles of range.

By the time we rolled on to the ferry and parked we lost a total of 5 miles in range.