Super heat shielding

Super heat shielding

Amazing material; Elon should look at this for the EVs and the Dragon, etc.

David70 | 2011年6月12日

Very interesting, but I have the same question posed at the beginning.

The original article was from April 2009, and this update just made.

Why isn't it appearing in products (e.g. fire doors, etc.)?

How expensive is it to produce, etc...?

Timo | 2011年6月12日

Apparently material exists, but inventor haven't told anybody how to produce it. If I read that right that might change soon. If that is the case, then fireproofing things gets a lot easier.

Brian H | 2011年6月12日

Did you watch the video? Very boring; about 8 min. of a hi-power laser blasting a raw egg coated with a very thin layer (a few mm?) of Starlite, then a guy picks it up, and cracks it into a bowl with a knife. Still uncooked, raw and runny.