Supercharger Charging Rates

Supercharger Charging Rates

For those that have used the Supercharger stations, what rates are you getting? I read one post from someone that used several of the California Superchargers that the rates were well below 300 miles/hr. Any input is appreciated. Cheers.

EcoHeliGuy | 2012年11月29日

Rates depend on supercharger output,, and how close your battery is to zero. Tesla is saying 150 miles in 30 minutes. This does not equate to 300 in 1hr as it isn't a straight line. The closer your battery's are to full the slower the charge becomes

rbergquist | 2012年11月29日

A data point from charging at Gilroy SC on 28Nov:

8:10 PM - arrived with 82mi rated range remaining

- Charger started at 225Amp/360V

8:38 PM - Charger reported changing at 94Amp/380V

- rated range at 181 mi -- so approximately 100 mi added in 30 min

That was enough to get home so I didn't continue charging.