Supercharger for Yosemite?

Supercharger for Yosemite?

Seems like a high volume destination for Tesla owners. Any chance? And if the Park Service won't approve it, then Mariposa would be second choice.

CalDreamin | 2013年7月11日

Superchargers are located next to highways to allow us to get to our destinations. Once we are at a destination like Yosemite, we should charge overnight at our lodging facility. There's no need for an expensive Supercharger for overnight charging.

Brian H | 2013年7月12日

Right. The Slurp and Sleep System.

carlgo | 2013年7月12日

Nah, fast and quick everywhere, no compromise, no excuses, no extension cords out of your room's window. The quicker this sort of thing goes away, the better.

negarholger | 2013年7月12日

Can Yosemite infrastructure support a SC? Yosemite has no RV parks. I definitely don't want to see a large solar installation in Yosemite.
Mariposa is 50 miles away - that should be close enough to get in and out.
For some reason the 99 is empty in the SC plan... and that makes it hard to reach the Sierra Nevada parks. Elon and his planners do not have time to go to mountains I guess.

CalDreamin | 2013年7月12日

@Kleist, I agree that Highway 99 could use one or more SCs. I'll be taking a 175 mile trip in my S85 today from the SF Bay Area to Fresno, on Highway 99. A SC would help. Though for this trip, it would have been nice to find a hotel in Fresno with 240V charging. The only hotel I found in Fresno with EV charging offers 110V. My car will spend tonight charging at an RV park, so I can drive home tomorrow night.

SickaMorStyle | 2013年7月12日

Sounds like great location to use geothermal.

mdemetri | 2013年7月12日

I just did a trip to Yosemite. The only way this was feasible was that we had rented a house and was able to use the dryer plug for charging overnight (note that i took a chance on this and did not know if I would be able to reach the dryer plug in the rental house). Without this it would have been a very limited trip.

Thus, I think a SC in the Yosemite area is a must. It would eliminate a lot of anxiety about going to Yosemite in a MS.

negarholger | 2013年7月13日

That is a good idea to rent a house with dryer plug and use it as the homebase for (any) national park.

What makes me wonder that 395 has SC in the final plan, but not 99 - 99 is a highly traveled road. Not that Californians should complain about SC, but we can voice our ideas and suggestions. Hopefully in a couple of years they will ban ICEs from Yosemite, but EVs need to be able to get there first.

shs | 2013年7月15日

The problem is the Yosemite Valley is 150 to 160 miles from the existing (and planned) Superchargers and one really would like to top up before driving into the Park. There is currently one 1772 in the Village and rumors of another. As for the town of Mariposa (I live outside of town near the Park), I have been talking with the motel managers about adding 14-50 and Board of Supervisors about land for a Supercharger. The issue is that one would like the Supercharger to be near the downtown restaurants and there is limited parking in the downtown area. Last thing we need is to have 4 or 8 prime parking spaces "reserved for EVs" in a town with limited parking already. There is interest, but getting the details right is critical. A SC in Merced is another good idea that would also serve the 99 corridor that we often drive.

negarholger | 2013年7月15日

shs - what about the restaurant at the 49/140 intersection? Seem to have a large parking lot as far as I remember.

shs | 2013年7月15日

The owner of the cafe/grocery store on that corner is expanding his store and willing to put in a charger of some sort, likely a 30 amp. There is lots of parking there and when I was discussing this with a Supervisor on Saturday, this is one of the sites that came up. It is privately owned and we were hoping to find a suitable county owned site closer to the center of town, but that intersection would certainly work. I will continue to pursue.

Also at the admin facility in El Portal, the Park has a large solar installation and two ancient paddle charging stations. I as also trying to get those changed to 1772 (a cord set is all that is needed), but there is nothing to do there while charging.

In the mean time, there is my garage... It won't be the first time for a visiting Tesla on its way to Yosemite!

negarholger | 2013年7月15日

shs - thanks for your effort and activities around Yosemite. Every journey starts with the first little step. This autumn I'll bring my MS to Yosemite - the more we show up the better. How I will do it... probably rent a house with dryer plug or tent at a RV park.

shs | 2013年7月15日

There is one motel in Mariposa, the River Rock, with an L6-30 outlet for EVs. I have tried to talk the owner into changing it to a 10-30 or 14-30 so people can use a supported Tesla adaptor, but no luck. "Take if or leave it", is her attitude . I have an L6-30 to 10-30 adaptor if needed by anyone. By autumn, I hope that several of the other motels have a 14-50 for EVs, but only time will tell. Or better yet, a supercharger in town!

When I suggested in a Letter to the Editor in a local newspaper that EV charging might be a lure to get more people to town, the most constructive comment I got, was to also install tie-downs for dirigibles, as we will probably get as many of those as EVs. The more people that call the local motels and ask about charging the better. Or the tourism bureau, although they seem to be on board.

negarholger | 2013年7月15日

dirigibles - funny, but not far off... I am floating on air ( suspension ). So simply more "dirigibles" need to show up.

Brian H | 2013年7月15日

Now there's a challenge! How many owners here would certainly visit Yosemite in the next 2 years if there were adequate touring and sleep-over charging locally?

negarholger | 2013年7月16日

Brian - bingo!
How can we make e.g. Mariposa a base camp for Yosemite EV tourism? Perfect location for day trips in and around the valley - we just need to be able to recharge overnight.
I know Yosemite as long as I am in the US, but mostly from the packback country. Valley car tourism is new to me. My idea is the inlaws (in their seventies) have never been to Yosemite, long walking or camping is not an option and so a hotel/motel is a must... check out first with my wife the options and then later bring the inlaws. Actually I am more concered about them getting altitude sick then the EV trip challenge.
With about 2 billion ICEs on Earth... a stinker free Yosemite is the end goal, but unlikely in my lifetime. Just get a start... every single vist counts.

PXChanel | 2013年7月16日

Reading this forum is so funny. As a former resident of the Central Valley, I can anticipate Fresno/Yosemite will be the last place a SC station will be set up. Nothing important happens in the CV. Realistically, it is much farther away from SF, LA or Sacramento than the map shows.

The answer to our woes will be a portable solar charger panel on the roof of our TESLA's so we will charge as we go, or the option to change our batteries ourselves so we don't need SC stations.

Brian H | 2013年7月16日

Old nonsense. Grossly insufficient for about 5 different reasons.

MountainVoyageur | 2013年8月12日

I do not own a Tesla yet, but am very interested. One of my big concerns is its range for getting to Sierra backpacking and northern California river trips. It looks to me as if even the planned Supercharger rollout is mainly for more urban and inter-urban driving.

Taking this thread as an example, even a Supercharger in Mariposa looks dodgy to me. If I want to take visiting relatives to Yosemite Valley, up to Glacier point, around to Tuolumne Meadows, and back Google maps says the Mariposa-to-Mariposa mileage is 236 miles. And that does not count any incidental driving, such as to trailheads or just touristing around, that we would do. It also does not allow for overnight parasitic drain (which I have read is about 15 miles per night) -- a significant amount if we are in the park for several days.

Recharging in the park seems essential, but any nights we spend in the park would be in tents -- either at a campground or backpacking -- so I'm not clear how I would recharge in the park.

Another concern is getting to trailheads on the Sierra east side. I have the impression that there are plans for Superchargers on Route 395, somewhere between Mt Whitney and Reno, but I have not been able to find any details. Some Supercharger capability along Route 395 seems necessary, at least until we can recharge at trailheads :)

Are others using their Model S's for things like Sierra backpacking, Trinity Mountains backpacking, or northern California river trips? If so, how do you handle the charging?

My bottom line is that I can see the Tesla Model S (and, presumably the Model X) as practical for most things, at least once the other Superchargers get rolled out, but I am having a difficult time seeing it as practical for getting to wilderness outings.


DonS | 2013年8月12日

City to city will soon be possible. National park to national park isn't even discussed. I would love to be able to take my Model S across the country to visit national parks, but it is virtually impossible. A supercharger near each major park would be great, or alternatively, many J1772 chargers in the parks near trail heads. Hopefully, the increasing volume of electric cars will enable this within a few years.

JohhnyS | 2013年8月12日

There is very little charging infrastructure in the central valley. Somewhere along 99 would be helpful for both Sequoia and Yosemite. The map looks good for 395--dots possibly in Lancaster, and Lone Pine or Bishop.

GaryCal | 2013年9月17日

I just got a report from San Joaquin Valley Air Quality Management District (see the copy at the bottom of this page There is financial support for putting in infrastructure, but unfortunately there is an assumption that it is all Leaf/Volt infrastructure. So lots of talk about convenience charging while at the supermarket, not so much concern about somebody staying overnight and charging (and no focus at all on bringing a supercharger here, although they do discuss high voltage charging technology). The problem, of course, is that this means that people visiting Yosemite and driving through Fresno are going to take a gas vehicle if they have one and leave their Tesla at home.

It is around 90 miles in the summer through the high elevations Fresno to Yosemite, and 110 miles in the winter going through the lower elevations (i.e. through Mariposa). If it is a day trip from anything south of Fresno (i.e. Visalia), there is no way it can be done with a Tesla unless there is a charger involved no further from Yosemite than Fresno. A supercharger in Mariposa would do the trick, but a regular charger isn't going to be fast enough to make a Tesla day trip to Yosemite work. And trust me, I know a lot of photographers who do lots of day trips, leave home at 3 am, get to Yosemite for sunrise, drive around the valley floor to follow the light, and drive home. The Tesla range is just slightly too short to support this without a charge mid-way.

Adding to my confusion about why there isn't infrastructure already in place is the fact that 3 of the 5 most polluted metropolitan areas (air pollution) in the United States are in the Central Valley. Yosemite Valley itself has a pollution problem at times. 60% of the volatile organic pollutants come from auto exhaust. This isn't a hard sell on the public policy/public health side.

Anyhow, all that said, I'm in Fresno and I have a 40 amp NEMA 14-50 outlet for charging my model S right at the street end of the inside of my garage (as well as a GE Watt Station for my other car, but that is installed on the house-side of the garage and the cable won't reach to the driveway). It works with the mobile charging cable adapter that comes with the Tesla and charges around 29 miles per hour of charge. With some advance notice and preferably at off-peak rates, I might be able to help fellow model S owners on their way to Yosemite.

In the meantime, though, I keep looking at the supercharger map and I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out why there (apparently, the dots are tiny) isn't a planned supercharger in Oakhurst, Midpines, Mariposa or Fresno.

Oh, there are also 2 J1772 chargers at the San Joaquin Air Quality Management District office in Fresno, but the times I've gone by there, both spots were filled with gas/plug-in electric hybrids that had already completed charging (and had no contact information to call the owner and ask them to move). So yes, you could try charging there, but my guess is that the spots are used as regular parking spots by employees with chevy volts and you'd need to arrive before they did to snag a spot.

shs | 2013年9月17日

I am working with the County government and a land owner to get a Supercharger in Mariposa. Keep your fingers crossed.

Brian H | 2013年9月17日

Do you have authority to promise one, or are you doing it on spec?

shs | 2013年9月17日

All I can and am doing is get permission from relevant land owner and making sure the County BOS, Building and Planning Departments will support an application and then apply to Tesla for a Supercharger in our area. No authority or promises, just an serious attempt to make it happen.

CalDreamin | 2013年9月20日

Thank you shs. Much appreciated.

Gizmotoy | 2013年9月20日

I would love a supercharger in Yosemite. One big sad point in ordering a Model S is knowing that I can't realistically take it out there.

jonlivesay | 2013年9月20日

The Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite valley would be a good spot for chargers, wouldn't need supercharging 30amps would get you filled up overnight. It's a great place to stay and the food is excellent.

negarholger | 2013年9月20日

@Gizmotoy - yes you can. Rent a cabin with dryer outlet..

erici | 2013年9月20日

@Kleist "What makes me wonder that 395 has SC in the final plan, but not 99 - 99 is a highly traveled road"

People in Santa Barbara and LA go skiing/biking/hiking at Mammoth Lakes, using the 395 to get there.

It's like Bay Area people using the Folsom supercharger to reach South Lake Tahoe for their skiing/biking/hiking mountain vacation.

It's part of the lifestyle that needs to be accommodated to drive sales in this region -- the 395 is important.

erici | 2013年9月20日

It's not the amount of traffic on the 395 that's important, it's whether that traffic is substantially comprised of wealthy LA residents driving out to their weekend home in Mammoth Lakes. Those people can afford Model S P+.

negarholger | 2013年9月20日

@erici - the ski season last 2 months, the national park season lasts 6+ months.
Central Valley is the gateway to our CA National Parks, but the Central Valley seems forgotten when it comes to EV charging on general not only SC.

erici | 2013年9月20日

People drive up the 395 and turn left onto Tioga Road. Soon afterwards, they are in Yosemite National Park. Or instead they go to Mono Lake, or both. They might even bring their Kayak to Mono Lake on top of their Model X if they'd just scratch that crazy falcon wing idea.

Or they bring their Model S to their Mammoth Lakes cabin and ride mountain bikes up to the top of Mammoth Mountain and ride down.

The Eastern Sierra is where it's at for outdoors-bound people who own Model S in LA.

Your comments are right on the money as long as you add "For Bay Area People" at the end of them.

negarholger | 2013年9月20日

@erici - Western Sierra access is more interesting for Bay Area people...

It is not 99 vs 395... Central Valley so far has little EV love, but Central Valley cities have always multiple entries in the US worst air quality top ten list. So a little support from the NoCal and SoCal EV community for the Central Valley would go a long way.
I am planning to go to the plug in day event in Fresno on the 28th from the Bay Area.

CalDreamin | 2013年9月21日

Model S owners who want Superchargers to facilitate travel along Highway 99 and Yosemite should write to Tesla at with specific suggestions. Include your name and VIN so they know you're a customer. I like the idea of SCs at Merced and Mariposa.

Paulreiche | 2013年9月23日

I did a trip in my S up to Yosemite Valley early last Spring. At that time, there was a Level 2 charger in the village parking lot -- I believe it's still there.. I charged at the Gilroy SC, then made a beeline to park. Now I would probably charge in Fremont and take 120. In terms of a new SC, would Merced make sense?

jonlivesay | 2013年9月23日

Receive an email from Yosemite and Ahwahnee management. Basically stating that they have chargers at village that go unused for much of the time. Maybe we need a Tesla run to the valley to show them how important chargers in national parks could be?

erici | 2013年9月23日

Well, I once walked from Curry Village to the top of halfdome and back within 5 hours. That's enough of a diversion to occupy oneself while getting a good amount of range at a level 2 charger in the village.

Trouble is, once you've done that you'll want to see a different area of the park on the next trip. It a long walk to Tenaya Lake from the charger.

jonlivesay | 2013年9月23日

If you can do Curry Village to top of Half Dome in under 5 hours, you don't need a car you can run anywhere. My personal best is eight hours and I was moving pretty good.

james.ruhmel | 2014年11月29日

My parents have a RV rentals on the way to Yosemite. They are located 15 miles from the entrance on highway 41.5 minutes from oakhurst. They have a nema 14-50 plug on their property near where the rvs sit. If you're looking to rent an rv for a trip into Yosemite you can just leave your car there at the house and charge. It's possible if available they could rent you the rv for the night on property. Maybe even just leave the car for charge overnight incase where you're staying doesn't have a charger.