Is it possible to purchase a supercharger and install it at home if I have a 3 phase power supply (380V), so that Tesla will be charged much quicker?

Kardax | 2013年5月26日

Superchargers are not for sale. Home users have the benefit of being able to plug in and have a full charge by the next morning. Superchargers are best suited for intermediate stops on road trips where you don't want to wait for several hours.

cloroxbb | 2013年5月26日

Yeah, its really not needed. If you have the dual onboard chargers, and the HWPC, then you get a theoretical maximum of 60mph charge. Not many people use the WHOLE battery every day, so even if you use up 100 miles per day, it will still only take 2 hours to charge.

Supercharger @ home is superfluous and would cost way more than what you need.

Brian H | 2013年5月26日

And your utility would hand you a bill for upgrading the local power supply that would shock you into catatonia. 400V x 100A ain't cheap.

slade | 2013年6月10日

I was just wondering if its possible to purchase one and what the requirements are for the power supply of the supercharger.

Maybe someone from Tesla Motors can answer this question.


Vawlkus | 2013年6月11日

They don't appear to be for sale, except to SolarCity.

Input requirements are fairly high, they use a little more than your average house uses.

HPWC is more than enough for residential use.