Tesla Begins East Coast Fast-Charging Corridor

Tesla Begins East Coast Fast-Charging Corridor

hfcolvin | 2012年12月21日

286 miles from my hometown to Wilmington, DE. Dang! Need to add one further south!

olanmills | 2012年12月21日

FYI this info has also been posted to the Tesla Bulletin Board and the Supercharger page:

prash.saka | 2012年12月22日


But, what does this mean?

“We can’t forbid nonelectrics from using the parking spaces,” Shanna Hendriks, a Tesla spokeswoman, said. “We can only hope that people respect the signs.”

Does this mean that if the spots are occupied, you can't charge your car?

~ Prash.

jat | 2012年12月22日

@prash.saka - yes. The cables are pretty short (so they can't be left on the ground and get run over), so you have to park very close to the charger.

Many places have laws making it a violation to park a non-EV in an EV charging spot, so I don't think this will be a long-term problem.

bobinfla | 2012年12月22日

@hfcolvin -999 miles from my house, not really feeling your pain, lol

Volker.Berlin | 2012年12月22日

Now, where will be the first supercharger in Europe, and when will it open? :-)

murraypetera | 2012年12月22日

This is great news but I am very disappointed that they have chosen to leave out HPC chargers at these new stations.

jat | 2012年12月22日

@murraypetera - what do you mean?

prash.saka | 2012年12月22日

@Jat ... thanks for your reply.

DTsea | 2012年12月22日

They are intended for Model S, not for Roadsters, which have other charging networks (apparently). Since they are not interoperable, and there are ALREADY more Model S's on the road than roadsters, this makes sense.

murraypetera | 2012年12月23日

My comment is that if Tesla is going to spend the time and money to put in these super charge stations in then the should also put in HPC chargers for non super charging.

Just because the stations are for city to city travel does not mean that there are not local travelers without super charger abilities that would not like to have the comfort knowing that in a pinch they can get some juice.

Robert22 | 2012年12月23日

That's probably what Tesla is trying to avoid. Why cannibalize your sales for home HPWC's? Not to mention if people are using the highway rest areas instead of their home chargers, the chance of finding an open charging spot when you need one on a trip will be markedly reduced. Let's face it, if it's free, local owners will be recharging in non-pinch circumstances.

Carefree | 2012年12月23日

That's just not the intended use for the Superchargers. It is NOT meant for the locals to "fill" up their batteries instead of home charging. I agree with Robert - it would be more difficult to find charging spots for long distance travelers.