Tesla Jobs.

Tesla Jobs.

Hey, I was just wondering. I applied for a service department job at Tesla about a few months ago. I received an interview, and had a positive feedback from the service manager. The recruiter called me back to give me directions to write an executive summary, and I completed that. It's been over a month, and I never received a response since. I did a few follow up emails in two week increments between during that month. The first response told me that my summary is still under review, and the others I didn't get any response. The job position is till open, so I still have confidence that I have yet to get turned down. For those who are working for Tesla or have worked for Tesla, how long did your job hiring process take?

EVino | 2015年1月15日

austin, it depends. Some HR departments are not so proactive. They will only call on the affirmative, not on the negative. If they have a lot of applicants, they will only call those that get to the next round, the implication being that if they don't call, you didn't make the cut and that they're evaluating more candidates. Stay hopeful, but don't let it paralyze you where you don't act on other options.

Timing, opportunity, and fit have to align.

austinwoo91 | 2015年1月15日

okay, thank you.

ian | 2015年1月15日

I'd also follow up with phone calls instead of just emails.

Good luck!

Brian H | 2015年1月16日

Send pizza.

ian | 2015年1月16日

Damn! That's what I forgot to do! Haha! ;-)

austinwoo91 | 2015年1月18日

Then DiGiorno it is!!