Tesla Model S Charging Station Test

Tesla Model S Charging Station Test

Our company produces (Made in Michigan) Level 2 - 240V/30A commercial charging stations. We would love to have a Tesla S owner stop by and try out our charging station. Our headquarters is in Livonia, Michigan 48152. Although other sites outside of Michigan have used our stations to charge their Tesla's, we have not had the opportunity to witness first hand the Tesla S charging on one of our stations. We would really appreciate it if someone could help us out here by stopping by for a free charge. My personal email is Thanks for your consideration.

jkirkebo | 2013年2月21日

I think you'd get a lot of goodwill from Tesla owners if you company starts making 80A versions of the same charging stations...;)

Most Model S owners aren't very interested in the 30A stations as they are painfully slow to use (13-14 hours on 208V for a full charge).

Brian H | 2013年2月21日

A free charge is no big deal, and 30A takes quite a while. How 'bout throwing in a pizza? ;)

Thumper | 2013年2月21日

Jeez! The man is only asking for a little help with his product. If it is convenient, why not. If it's not convenient, pass. In the long run it is helpful to have more quality chargers. Maybe they will make a higher amp charger. Never go out of your way to make an enemy.

jat | 2013年2月21日

I assume this is PEP Stations? I'm nowhere nearby or I would be happy to.