Tesla Model X Appears At CES

Tesla Model X Appears At CES

While its name may suggest smartphones and laptops, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has become an important venue for carmakers to announce new in-car technology.
The 2015 CES exhibition floor was littered with cars, including this pre-production prototype of the upcoming Tesla Model X all-electric seven-seat crossover utility vehicle on display at the Panasonic booth.
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While the Model X still won't go on sale for several months yet, Germany's TechVideo has provided a closer look at the car with a short walkaround video.
Panasonic is Tesla's lithium-ion battery cell supplier, as well as an investor in the company and a partner in the development of the carmaker's massive battery "gigafactory
Friv 8

vperl | 2015年1月9日

Old prototype X, nothing to do with actual seats or much else .

They dusted off a old shell for the people that have no clue.

ian | 2015年1月9日

Yup. Nothing new to see there. Move along.