Tesla's Flying Machine Possible With Keshe Technology?

Tesla's Flying Machine Possible With Keshe Technology?

Did you know that Tesla developed a flying machine that was "devoid of wings, propellors, ailerons, and air bags", and instead relied on positive movement by electrostatic/magnetic fields? (See )
That is why Tesla said he developed his favourite invention, his Tesla disc provide the electricity for his flying machine!!

"Not the aeroplane, the flying machine." responded Dr Tesla. (google it)

I'm still holding out for my promised-in-the-fifties flying car.
However, it will not have have wings or a propellor...these items are obsolete in the electric flying machine.

The only feasible way to make a flying car is with plasma reactor technology, that can extend a levitating magnetic-gravitational field around the vehicle.
M.T. Keshe of the Keshe Foundation ( claims to have done just that.

Keshe says that a couple of inexpensive fuel-less plasma reactors placed in a vehicle will provide energy and levitation...and that he has already developed such systems for travel on Earth and in Space. ( see

This new technology is currently being offered to any country willing to have it. Ironically, it turns out Iran is the first country to accept his offer. African countries are also forming a Space Program with the plasma technology, bypassing the whole fuel propulsion development process!

Crazy? You bet. But it's coming regardless.

What do people think?

Brian H | 2012年9月14日

There has to be something to push against. High-velocity exhaust or EM field, there must be force applied. "Weightlessness" simply makes a fundamental force vanish.

I don't think so.

Timo | 2012年9月15日

There has to be something to push against.

Not really, but you would need a reaction mass to gain movement. Otherwise rockets would not work. Magnetic field could work if Earth had couple of billion times stronger magnetic field, but it doesn't.

Anything that claims to change gravity is very likely a scam. I won't believe it before I see it.

Website looks like a well created hoax, go check the "Terms and conditions, disclaimer and privacy statement", page. The worrying part is that "donate" -button, which would upgrade the hoax to scam.


jerry3 | 2012年9月15日

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. It doesn't appear there is any science here. Both Tesla and Edison performed some rigged demonstrations to get people to invest in their various ideas.

Unfortunately, science and critical thinking are so poorly taught in North America that people will believe just about anything, and the media's "one person from each point of view" doesn't help because it gives equal weight to both viewpoints when the majority of scientists (and the corresponding evidence) is on one side. This gives the crackpots equal weighting with the professionals and allows scam artists to survive (just think about all the phoney diet and medical claims).

Brian H | 2012年9月15日

Reaction mass ejection and pressing on mag field lines are both "something to push against". Anti-gravity and inertia cancellation lack the crucial "somewhere to stand". Leverage with no fulcrum.

Timo | 2012年9月15日

Only if you count reaction mass itself as something to push against. There is nothing in space to push against, it is just ejecting that mass.

This was BTW the thing I was talking about some time ago, maybe we get advanced enough at some point of the development that we can change matter state of movement directly "tell the matter that it should be going at that direction" without messing with energy fields and stuff like that. Messing with Higgs boson instead of EM, strong and weak forces. Action without reaction.

Brian H | 2012年9月15日

Of course reaction mass is something to push against. It happens to be light enough to see the "equal and opposite" rule in operation.

The Higgs Boson is overrated. It only affects a few classes of particle; it is NOT responsible for all mass and inertia.

lou123 | 2012年9月25日

Do not listen to these paid shills. They do not want you having knowledge that this technology exists.
Here are some links that will explain the technology and the physics behind it.

Stop thinking in terms of forced propulsion and start thinking magnetic gravity waves. The magnetic energy produced by the earth is not what would power the device. The device would power itself. If you understood the technology you would have brought it to the market. Keep your ignorant mouth shut and do your homework. Two ears one mouth, nature is telling you something.

lou123 | 2012年9月25日
nickjhowe | 2012年9月25日

Now that the Higgs Boson has been confirmed (and by extension the Higgs Field) there potentially IS something to push against that permeates all of space-time. Why objects with mass have inertia is still an open question in physics and the door is definitely open to create technologies that can interact with the Higgs Field as a propulsion mechanism. Couple that with the repulsive (and undefined) force of dark energy and there's plenty of room for "scf-fi" drive systems.

Timo | 2012年9月26日

Keshe is a scam, lou123. There might be some advanced new propulsion systems in future like nickjhowe says, but that is not one of them. It's just a scam-artist fooling the gullible people. Youtube video you posted is just a pile of manure with lots of fancy words to fool the ignorants. Kind of Star Trek "particle of the month that saves the day" -babble.

For sci-fi propulsion, here is one that is kind of cool:

blue adept | 2019年12月27日

@mrfixitrick, @Timo, @lou123 & @nickjhowe

Well, since you've brought us here and some seem interested in discussing it, M.I.T. experimented with just such a form of motor-less propulsion that they termed an "ion drive":

@Brian H

For the sake of argument, both the planet's atmosphere and Space itself are composed of a variety of particles which, last I checked, constituted "something to push against"...

Just saying. | 2019年12月28日

@blue adept - this is now mostly a spam thread. Many of the people you address haven’t been seen in YEARS.

Spam the OP to get rid of the thread.

blue adept | 2019年12月28日


Well, when you guys are ready to talk about Coulomb force, also called electrostatic force or Coulomb interaction (which deals with the attraction or repulsion of particles or objects because of their electric charge), and optimizing it for use as a form of propulsion, just let me know.

blue adept | 2019年12月28日

Thanks for the head's up BTW.