From today's WSJ: Tesla Sells!

From today's WSJ: Tesla Sells!

At Belle­vue Square, a shopping cen­ter in this af­flu­ent Seat­tle sub­urb, elec­tric car maker Tesla Mo­tors Inc. pro­duced sales of $5,500 per square foot last Jan­uary, more than five times the mall’s av­er­age and at a pace the mall’s own­ers say is likely a U.S. record for any retailer.

Brian H | 2015年1月28日

Should have mall owners clamouring for this tenant! | 2015年1月29日

It helps that the Tesla stores are really small, maybe 1500 sq. ft. Still, that's over 80 cars in a month plus a couple of jackets.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年1月29日

Part of the reason that NJCAR lobbied to have the definition of a new car 'dealership' location modified. Their 'suggestions' increased the minimum showroom size, minimum lot size, minimum number of repair bays, and minimum number of employees on hand. They had the NJMVC change all the rules, then demanded that Tesla Motors 'play by the same rules as everyone else'... | 2015年1月29日

Not surprised. I lived in Jersey for 24 years.

jjs | 2015年1月29日

I drove in Jersey once. Got out to pump my own gas. Whoa, culture shock! Have not been back since. | 2015年1月29日

@jjs: you mean it's legal to pump your own gas there now? I haven't run low on gas there for a while. It's a small state. I seem to recall that we had to go to Philadelphia to turn around and then we didn't want to.

tommcd1 | 2015年1月29日

I lived in jersey for 20 years. It is a state law that station attendants have to pump the gas. I am now in Arlington MA and it is a town law that attendants pump the gas. Very nice on a 10 degree day. Ironic that whoever I live - that seems to be the norm.

The question is - will super charger stations require attendants in those places? If not now - will they pass laws and wreck the economics. I am just kidding, but I never did understand the attendant pumping laws.

jjs | 2015年1月29日

@george - No. They don't let you pump your own gas. I live in a state where self reliance is the norm. In most parts of the state a requirement for survival. It was astounding to be to NOT be allowed to pump my own gas. Hence the "culture shock". Too much "central planning" for my blood. No offense meant to all the Tesla owners from the great state of New Jersey. :)

.....or did I miss your humor?

AA_4_Tesla | 2015年1月30日

@jjs- Not so much self-reliance as not wanting to take away 9000 jobs. (Oregon)

David N | 2015年1月31日

AA_4_Tesla | JANUARY 30, 2015 NEW
@jjs- Not so much self-reliance as not wanting to take away 9000 jobs. (Oregon)

Perhaps to protect jobs as NJ has done, we could make laws that force any retail/wholesale/distrubutor store in the US to only sell 100% US made clothing with only 100% American material and only by US citizens. We could probably expand that to all industries and in fact any type of commerce. Now that would protect jobs!

Kinda sounds like protectionism, not free market economy.

I'll pass.

Roamer@AZ USA | 2015年2月1日

@David N, Think how many jobs we could create if we outlawed bulldozers and backhoes.

It is pretty funny when people think they can create jobs by legislating inefficiency.

Brian H | 2015年2月1日

A US ambassador being shown an aid project road dug out with shovels instead of backhoes and graders, was told they "create more jobs this way". After a moment's thought, he asked why not issue them only teaspoons.