Tonight our 2 weeks up..color decision

Tonight our 2 weeks up..color decision

We are torn between the Silver and Gray. Silver (husbands first choice) is silver...the gray (my first choice)takes on different colors, sometimes blue, dependending on weather...are you second guessing color choice?

Hills | 2013年5月15日

I got my car at the beginning of December - Grey. At the time Gray/Grey was unusual. I live in the Bay Area so Teslas have become common. My very subjective unscientific observation: The most popular colors are Grey, Pearl White, Blue, Black, white not necessarily in that order. The least popular colors are Brown, Green, Silver. I understand Brown and Green, I don't understand Silver. I have seen maybe 100 or more? Only seen two silver.

Would you like a common color or uncommon?

skulleyb | 2013年5月15日

I have a silver one and love it but after seeing so many i think white and grey are the best colors when it comes to the MS. If i had a second chance it would be close but i think white would win.

negarholger | 2013年5月15日

I picked gray because my last car was silver. Gray looks only gray to me in any weather ( Bay Area ) - it doesn't take on any other color.

TheAustin | 2013年5月15日

Grey, for sure...It's gorgeous. I got Blue with grey interior because I love those color combinations...But for the look of the exterior alone, I think Grey is even better than my Blue (which I still love). Go Grey!

Airpro | 2013年5月15日

I have a gray with gray 21 inch wheels.... I am happy with the color choice i made... I wish I could a picture to this post..

fuellss | 2013年5月15日

Going with the grey w tan interior and silver 21 rims. No matter the color we will love the car.

GeekEV | 2013年5月15日

I went grey with grey leather and lacewood plus 21" wheels. Positively gorgeous. Everyone who's seen it thinks so...

negarholger | 2013年5月15日

"No matter the color we will love the car" - wise choice.

Brian H | 2013年5月16日

<img src="URL" width="600">

f-tal | 2013年5月17日

I did blue. If I had it to do over again, I'd get white and save a few bucks.. the dark colors show dirt way too easily, and the metalic effect finish has a swirl type look under direct light that reminds me of a someone rubbing circular scratches into the paint. I figure I'll wrap the car in a light color when I get too tired of the weekend wash, dirty car on Monday ordeal, or the stone chips on the hood, whichever comes first. I think the multi-coat looks great and has amazing depth, and that should be the best finish option for durability too

Joshua Burstyn | 2013年5月17日

The white 'S my wife and I bought looks great... we love it. Very subdued but classy-looking, IMHO.