Valet parking your MS?

Valet parking your MS?

I don't have my car yet but am curious how you explain to a valet driver (at a hotel, hospital or parking garage) how to drive your MS. Have you found valets have experience with Teslas or are they confounded? Do you have to also explain the key fob ? How does the car turn off if they keep the key fob too near the car? | 2013年12月15日

So far, I have managed to avoid valet parking.


SCCRENDO | 2013年12月15日

Me too. Went to a hotel that only had valet parking. Called in advance and they allowed me to self park in the valet lot. One of the valets sat in the passenger seat. Tip them well. Lots of threads on this though. Use to find the threads

DTsea | 2013年12月15日

I explain to them that they dont get to drive the car.

ir | 2013年12月16日

In the Bay Area, just about every valet I've used had no problem with the car.

I've chatted with a valet and they said the first time was very confusing. They didn't know how to turn off the car and didn't want to risk letting it "idle" for hours. The owner explained and they don't have any more problems.

The next big area of confusion is around charging. They usually let me handle that.

mkh1437 | 2013年12月16日

You can enter the following URL in the center screen browser:

It provides guest/valet instructions on how to drive the car.

Joshua Burstyn | 2013年12月16日

In my experience valets in Toronto are now aware of how to handle the 'S. No problems so far.

timmsteiner | 2013年12月16日

First of all, its not rocket science. The control stalk is that of a Mercedes.

Second, every time I valet it, they leave it right in front of the hotel/restaurant anyway.

jeffsstuff | 2013年12月17日

I parked in NYC last week for dinner. The valet's only concern, "we don't have charging here". I told him that it wasn't necessary. He took the car. I got the car back. No problems.

Brian H | 2013年12月17日

Heh. Call ahead, and say "You can get free advertising by letting me park my Tesla out front. How about a free entrée in return?"

ElectricZo | 2013年12月18日

I just valeted for the second time last weekend for a wedding. I used the teslatap page mentioned above and also turned creep mode on.

Brian H | 2013年12月18日

Was the page appreciated and adhered to? Or the reverse (standard juveniles' reaction)?

dstiavnicky | 2013年12月19日
dramingly | 2013年12月19日

I've been worried about this too, but valeted for the first time last night. Put the teslatap page on an didn't do anything else differently. It was fine.

LEvans | 2013年12月19日


Okay how on earth is a typical car wash person going to know to follow those instructions... The car should just have a car wash button. If someone were to follow the instructions on the URL above how do they get power back to the wheels after existing the car wash tunnel?

dramingly | 2013年12月19日

I think the teslatuner one is a bit condescending. If I were feeling juvenile, I would definitely do the opposite, as Brian sugars above.

Brian H | 2013年12月19日

Not to 'sugars' anything, but the TeslaTap page seems pretty good. For a complete TM n00b, certain basics have to be emphasized.

callisto | 2013年12月19日

If I can't park it, I'll go elsewhere.
I learned a lesson years ago when I sent an employee out to get my new Lexus washed before an important client can into the office. He wrecked the car (still works for me). I learned a valuable lesson... If it going to bother me if the car gets damaged, don't let someone else drive it. And it would bother me if someone wrecked my one week old Tesla. My wife and I are still in negotiations.

NKYTA | 2013年12月19日


Do let us know how those turn out. ;-)

Gizmotoy | 2013年12月19日

I was going to dinner and somehow ended up with the VP of our pretty large company as my passenger (who apparently was considering a deposit on an X but had not yet seen a Tesla in person). Anyway, turns out the place was valet parking only. Under normal conditions I would have protested, but... VP.

I asked the valet if he know how to care for it and he said he did. I walked inside and looked back out to see it parked prominently right in front. The guy moved it maybe 10 feet tops. I came back out and a Ferrari 458 was parked next to it, though less prominently and slightly behind it. SF Bay Area for you, I suppose.

So, on the plus side, at least it's a car they're likely to want sitting out front.

sxross | 2013年12月19日

I know a number of you have adopted the "it's just a car" or "it's my everyday driver" position with your Teslas. I haven't. Letting valets touch the car gives me the creeps. I'll valet park if the valet rides in the passenger seat and I do the driving. Both ways. Otherwise, I just move on.

I understand that this works fine with restaurants but in an urban area where you are staying at a hotel, this may be a more difficult sell. I've been successful thus far (knock on wood).

WRT car washes, I agonized over this before I got the car, but before it came time to wash it, I discovered dripless washing. Not the kind with a bucket and rag. The kind with atomized spray. Now I can wash the car myself in the garage in around 40 minutes if it's dirty and touch it up in 10. Every month or so, I have a guy give it a good wash using the same method. Never a drop of water on the garage floor. No car wash paint swirls.

SCCRENDO | 2013年12月19日

For car washes I have someone come to my house at $25 a time.