The voting is on...

The voting is on...

You may want to vote, although, admittedly, your vote won't make any difference at all... ;-)

harryjsommer | 2012年1月14日

76% have voted for model S. Keep the votes coming!!!

Waymond | 2012年1月14日

Voted for Model S on January 13, 2012

mlascano | 2012年1月14日

1+ for Model S, voted today.

stephen.kamichik | 2012年1月14日

Voted for model s.

The Froq | 2012年1月15日


a small step for man.....

haansberger | 2012年1月15日

Latest score is 78.4% for the Model S !!!

gianni.terragni | 2012年1月15日

+1 model S.
BMW i3 they wrote a lot but they said nothing

Timo | 2012年1月15日

81% now. Sounds like there really is no contest.

If the people really deciding for the title don't select Model S, then we know they are being paid by Big Oil.

David70 | 2012年1月15日


I know you realize we're prejudiced on this forum, and there are a fairly large number of us. Of course, just because we're prejudiced doesn't mean we're wrong.

David den Boer | 2012年1月15日

378 (81.1%)

erik | 2012年1月16日

+1 81.2%

David70 | 2012年1月16日

Still creeping up. It was 71.9% after I voted.

cosmomusic | 2012年1月16日

Model S 81.3%

Liz G | 2012年1月16日

81.9 (438)

TheAustin | 2012年1月16日

82% (441)

DartLady S77 | 2012年1月16日

Model S walking away with this one...

And the winner of the 2012 Green Car Vision award should be... BMW i3 37 (6.8%)
Cadillac ELR 28 (5.2%)
Ford C-MAX Energi 20 (3.7%)
Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell 12 (2.2%)
Tesla Model S 445 (82.1%)

Brian H | 2012年1月16日

Current (Mon. afternoon, 16th)
BMW i3 37 (6.7%)
Cadillac ELR 28 (5.1%)
Ford C-MAX Energi 20 (3.6%)
Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell 12 (2.2%)
Tesla Model S 454 (82.4%)

gagliardilou | 2012年1月17日

+1 for Model S

Teslamodels4me | 2012年1月17日

Tesla Model S 525 @ 83.3%

bfranks273 | 2012年1月17日

83.7%, not even fair is it. But If I test drive the BMW do I get tossed out of the club? Looked good in the movie though it was mostly animated/airbrushed.

mcornwell | 2012年1月17日

+1 83.9%

jackransome | 2012年1月18日

Tesla Model S @ 84%

Brian H | 2012年1月18日

I wonder if someone twigged Elon about it, and he told everyone at Fremont to log in. ;)

Timo | 2012年1月18日

I posted to that site reasons why I think Model S is so overwhelmingly clear winner. Main reason being that it is the first really practical BEV ever made. All the others either have too short range or too little space. It starts the new age of cars.

Larry Chanin | 2012年1月26日

Well, Timo apparentely you weren't persuasive enough. ;-)

Ford C-Max Energi wins 2012 Green Car Vision Award

GCJ's decision will likely not sit well with our readers, who overwhelmingly picked the Tesla Model S to win this year. Our unscientific poll had the Model S winning with 83.6 percent of the vote, followed by the BMW i3, (6.5 percent), the Cadillac ELR (5 percent), C-MAX (2.9 percent) with the Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell picking just 1.9 percent to take up the bottomw spot out of the five nominees.


Sudre_ | 2012年1月26日

What a joke. They picked the car that was almost in last place. It must have all just been a Ford media stunt. No other car was ever going to win.

Teoatawki | 2012年1月26日 wasn't picking the winner. They were just asking their readers who should win.

Robert.Boston | 2012年1月26日

Feel free to add your scathing comments to the article announcing the winner:

petero | 2012年1月27日

I assume Ford's advertising budget did not influence GreenCars decision.

petero | 2012年1月27日

Mycroft and Robert.Boston. Read your comments to Green Car... I totally agree. I added my 2 cents worth. Has anyone seen a Ford Focus EV on the street? I haven't and I live in So. CA.


petero | 2012年1月27日

My apologies to Green Car. I looked through several back issues of that rag and I saw full page chevy volt ads,Roush, Clean Energy but not one for Ford.

Mycroft | 2012年1月27日

petero, I don't think the Focus EV is available yet. $40k (less $7,500 rebate of course), 110v charging, and a whopping 23kWh battery.

petero | 2012年1月27日

Mycroft. But the Focus EV is GC Magazines 2011 winner!

Mycroft | 2012年1月27日

That award is for cars that aren't out yet.

petero | 2012年1月27日

Today I checked with my local Ford dealer. He said the Focus EV is still a few months away.

Brian H | 2012年1月28日

Think of it as a preliminary, primitive Bluestar. ;)