Wall connector installation

Wall connector installation

So I just recently ordered a tesla online with the wall connector and im just wondering when I can install the wall connector. Will tesla contact me about the installation or do I have to wait until I pick up the tesla to install the wall connector

brian4591 | 2014年7月1日

You should have the wall connector installed prior to picking up your Tesla.

I am an electrician that has installed many HPWCs and the owners always have the wall connector before getting the car. Not sure how soon before the car the wall connector kit will arrive. Possibly ask your Tesla rep for details on that.


eric | 2014年7月5日

Hi, I just received the HPWC from Tesla, is there any video or pictures to demonstrate how to install it correctly?
I'm a bit confused about some of the DIP switch setting and ground connection.....


johncrab | 2014年7月5日

Go to My Tesla, Dashboard and then down to Model S Guides. There is a document with detailed instructions on how to install and setup the HPWC. If you are not experienced in this area, I would strongly suggest getting an electrician to do it.