Wall Street Journal calls Musk a fraud in letters

Wall Street Journal calls Musk a fraud in letters

The article refers to the stock tanking due to no MX deliveries.

In the letters after the article are some very derogatory comments.

If you are registered with WSJ you can help by writing positive mail for publication. One person did.

Ponyotoro | 2015年10月7日

If you're registered, cancel your registration. That'll teach'em. If you're not registered don't click the link. There's plenty of places online that provide the same news, positive or negative, that don't require you to register. Click bait articles that get you to help them get paid for doing BS journalism. Most of these types of articles are just opinion pieces anyways. They rarely, if at all, provide any actual news that hasn't already been exploited by someone else first.

First rule of click bait journalism: negativity sells. Spin any story into a bad one and add some kind of shock factor if possible. Wait for the clicks and cash.

Second rule of click bait journalism: spread the link to your article where the audience will care most. More clicks and more cash baby!

Third rule of click bait journalism: don't reply to any commenters or disable your comments section of the article. This keeps your article and opinions points within practically invincible from contradicting rebuttles.

Brian H | 2015年10月8日


Chunky Jr. | 2015年10月9日

Anyone who calls Musk a fraud can't be reasoned with, so don't waste your time and keep your frustration levels low.

JeffreyR | 2015年10月11日

Saw a quote from Mark Twain that's along @Chunky Jr's:

Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

Rocky_H | 2015年10月16日

@Ross, You have an inaccurate headline. You say, "Wall Street Journal calls..." No, the Wall Street Journal only wrote the article. You are referring to readers' comments that were calling fraud. Those readers are not the Wall Street Journal.

Ross1 | 2015年10月16日

IN LETTERS is what I said

Rocky_H | 2015年10月16日

...which are written by other people, not by the Wall Street Journal, so the Wall Street Journal is not "calling" him anything. Other people are.

Ross1 | 2015年10月17日

WSJ choose which letters to print