Want to sell your Model S? I'm looking to buy.

Want to sell your Model S? I'm looking to buy.

Want to purchase a Model S. What I'm looking for,

85 with Tech package, Sunroof, and 21" Wheels. I live in Kansas City and am in love with these cars :-) My big want is that the tech package includes autopilot. Feel free to call me direct anytime or email. Thanks again!

Danny Zaslavsky


Grey Model S85 | 2015年1月24日

You Won't get a used autopilot for at least a year!

colonelretwes | 2015年1月25日

An option (incl autopilot) the Kansas City Manchester store may offer is an inventory car (with 50-3000 miles) with most of the options you prefer--you may get $1-3K discount, and the car still qualifies for tax credits (fed and state). The midwest inventory cars would come from throughout midwest--meaning greater opportunity to incl your preferred options but may also include options you don't list. Good luck.

holidayday | 2015年1月26日

You might as well put in a reservation for a new one. Your request does not match anyone selling a brand new car, unless you are willing to pay MORE than what a new car costs.