Warranty for the rest of the car?

Warranty for the rest of the car?

OK, so we know what the warranty for the battery is going to be (and I'd love to know, is the 40kw battery not expected to live as long as the 60 or 85kw?) but what about the rest of the car?

brianman | 2011年12月21日

"the 40kw battery not expected to live as long as the 60 or 85kw?"


More specifically, when a 40kWh battery decays to half its value/usefulness drops precipitously. For th 60kWh, that's less the case. For the 85kWh, even less so.

Further, the rate of decaying is likely higher for a 40kWh for the typical driver.

At least that's my understanding.

ModelS3P | 2011年12月21日

@kevjo - Given that number of charges matter, you have to charge the 40kWh battery quite a few more times to get 100k miles out of it vs. the 60 or 85kWh, so the 40kWh battery should not last as long (in terms of miles).

Brian H | 2011年12月21日

The point of the question was about the non-battery components of the car.

discoducky | 2011年12月21日

They haven't said yet and there are so many things they haven't said yet it's hard to put them all down. I'm patiently waiting and cautiously optimistic.

JimmyN | 2011年12月21日

I am also curious about what the warranty is going to be like on the rest of the car - particularly the powertrain/motor/rotor.

brianman | 2011年12月21日

There were two questions. The one with immediately available useful answers was addressed first.

Robert.Boston | 2011年12月22日

The vehicle warranty will be announced in 2012.