I just wanted to mention that on trying to make a S model reservation on the website, when the country 'Canada' is selected, no type of postal code input is accepted, such as the L#L-#L# standard in Canada, with or without hyphen, and neither is any form of random US Zip accepted.

Jaffray | 2010年9月20日

It might be best (quicker) to call the Menlo Park office and let them know about the website glitch...either that or call Hans or Sarah in the Toronto office.

Tesla | 2010年9月20日

Hi Andryo - please use the format L#L #L#

Thanks for letting us know about your difficulty - we will update the site soon to allow a hyphenated version of the Canadian postal code.

Brian H | 2010年9月22日

Hyphenated is weird. Never seen it here in real life. Andryo just tried it in case that's what you had done.

DartLady S77 | 2010年9月22日

The proper format has a space, not a hyphen

Andyro | 2010年11月5日

One more thing - after making a deposit - one might state somewhere on the website, 'we will call you' - or 'we will mail you something'... so far the only confirmation that I have is from my bank statement :/

Vawlkus | 2010年11月6日

Another thing to try, come December, is call the office in Toronto.