What options do you regret not getting?

What options do you regret not getting?

I got a pretty loaded 90D that I love. Plain white, pano, premium interior & lighting, tan next gen seats, sub zero, air, matte decor. Fantastic!

What do I regret not getting? I should have gotten the 19" cyclone wheels. Maybe for the extra range or perhaps looking better lined up at the supercharger stalls. The wheels make the first impression, ya know.

1LuckyGuy | 2015年10月28日

TSLA AT 20 bucks a share... Deeply regret it

NKYTA | 2015年10月28日

@1LuckyGuy, should have taken out a similar loan for TSLA @$34/share that I did for the car. But you can't go to fantasize, just like winning the lottery. :-)

rzander01 | 2015年10月28日

Agreed on the wheels. I got them on my 85D and love them.

Haggy | 2015年10月29日

I regret not getting fog lamps, because they would have ended up being free in my case.

T34Bravo | 2015年10月29日

I regret not getting a pre-nup with my first wife. In my defense, I didn't see it in the 'options' list. | 2015年10月29日

@1LuckyGuy I bought tsla when it was $30 ish, and I regret selling them for $42.

Haggy | 2015年10月29日

I wanted to buy TLSA at about $34 but I listened to my wife instead. I regret not buying it but don't regret listening to my wife. Now she can regret not buying it, or not regret it, but that's how marriage works. It would have been enough to pay for the car by the time I got one, and the rebates and credits would have paid for the initial cost. It's not that I would have sold it once I bought the car though. It's also not as if the money sat in my sock drawer earning nothing.

You don't make or lose money by not doing something though. It comes down to what you do do.

TPilot | 2015年10月29日

I got the cyclones and I'm wondering if it was worth it.

Didn't get SAS and I'll probably never know if I'll regret it.

Didn't get Autopilot. Not a lot of highway driving and can always add it.

Tstolz | 2015年10月29日

I bought the winter tire set and in hindsight should have bought really cool aftermarket wheels instead for a second set. I'm still debating if I should have upgraded the sound ... it seems better lately.

jb1120 | 2015年10月29日

No regrets. None, nadda, zip.

CDAVIS | 2015年10月29日


Buying Model S sooner...

Kimscar | 2015年10月29日

I regret that I was about 4 months early for the P85D and I have a P85. Still love my car but I would be ordering Ludicrous mode now even if I would almost never be in a place I could use it. I know makes no sense. Just bragging rights.
Maybe for the better so I can save for the Roadster.

Rocky_H | 2015年10月29日

It's hard to call it a regret, since it wasn't available when I bought my car, but I have a rear wheel drive Model S, and handling on ice/slick is pretty bad, compared to the front wheel drive car we have. All wheel drive would have been nice. But there would have been a narrow window, because I'm really glad not to have any of the auto-pilot sensors, since I got to keep the main part of the speedometer display with the version 7.0 update.

renwo S alset | 2015年10月29日

All of them.

Grinnin'.VA | 2015年10月29日

In 2014 I bought an S85 without air suspension.
I traded it in for an 85D with air suspension.

I'm pleased with all of the options I selected for my 85D.

rjt65 | 2015年10月29日

I got all the options except 3rd row kiddie seats. 85D matte black -- didn't need ludicrous so used extra money on aftermarket xpel, opticoat, wheel bands, and powder coated the wheels dark gunmetal

very happy with all my choices, love the suspension (raising at all the low curbs in parking lots, high driveway aprons, etc.)

Love my Car!!!!

Nuts4MX | 2015年10月29日

Hey 18R,
I regretted not getting the Cyclone rims as well, after some digging I found these:

Look almost exactly like the Tesla rims but at 1/3 the aftermarket cost.

inconel | 2015年10月29日

I regret joining this forum. It's like a drug addiction.

sakhat | 2015年10月29日

I regret not getting:

- 85D for extra $5,000. I now live on East Coast (moved from CA) and wish I had an all-wheel drive car for our winters here.
- Black Alcantra interior for black-on-black look.
- Cold Weather package for only $750.
- Panoramic Roof.

That's about it. I still love my car of course!

srumpf | 2015年10月29日

Possibly 85D. Ill wait till the winter to see if I really regret it. I don't think I will though, the 85 is fast enough.

Anyone know if I can pay to upgrade my current 85 to get all-wheel drive? Or would it be smarter to sell my car back to Tesla for a used 85D?

bancroftc | 2015年10月29日

I sort of regret not getting matte obeche trim. I went with the piano black which I do like, but it shows dust and fingerprints like crazy, and I'm dreading the first scratches that will most definitely show up at some point.

Also sort of regret not getting 90D vs 85D.

I pretty much got every other available option aside from the cold weather package, so the two options above kind of felt excessive at the time.

All that said, I freaking love my Tesla and it would be unfair to say there is ANYTHING I truly regret about it!

Rocky_H | 2015年10月29日

@srumpf, The dual motor is definitely not something they can upgrade/retrofit.

Haggy | 2015年10月29日


I came here only to find out those things that I wouldn't know until my car was built. After that, I needed to stay around to read up on 6.0., so I would know what to expect. Then autopilot was announced, & I needed to stick around to see what that would be all about. I figured once I knew all that stuff there wouldn't really be much need to come here. Now I think I'll stick around until 7.1 comes out. Unless something else is announced, of course.

Roamer@AZ USA | 2015年10月29日

I didn't pay attention to the stock until I got my first car. May of 2013. A month after Dili Rey I decided this car is incredible and researched the stock. The stock started its rocket launch during the delivery period.

So to this day I wish I had ordered the stock rather than the first car. Or maybe just bought both together.

I put kid seats in the first S. Unless you have kids in the size range to use them it's a waste to haul them around. By the time my grandson is big enough to use them we will have replaced the first S with an X.