"What's new in this update"

"What's new in this update"

I think a lot of people will be happy to know that Tesla now provides info about every update they push, at least that's what Im assuming. So for V7.0 (2.9.40)

- Navigation is easier to use: You now have quick access to your recent locations searches when you tap the search field. Off'ine Adresse entry is easily accessible for starting Navigation in low-connectivity areas

- The auto windshield-wiping logic has been improved (yes!!)

Rocky_H | 2015年12月15日

Quote: "The auto windshield-wiping logic has been improved"

? Color me skeptical. Did they take the amphetamines away from the squirrel that runs the wiper system?

rxlawdude | 2015年12月15日

@Rocky - from the spritz my car got after the update, the squirrel is still firmly in charge. And as nutty as ever with respect to wiper speed.

Rocky_H | 2015年12月15日

Ah, glad to see we won't be losing Hammy. (sarcasm)

JackClark | 2015年12月15日

I hope the wiper logic has been improved... I've been trying to figure out how to get them out of "insane mode"!

stevenmaifert | 2015年12月15日

@mille - Are you saying you were able to read what was in the update before you installed it?

Jama | 2015年12月15日


Just upgrade to ludicrous mode!

russellmorehouse | 2019年2月13日

I am not pleased that you cannot turn off the map. I know where I am in my home town. I have yet to find their updates an improvement. It seems that every time they update, you have to relearn how to drive the car. I really do not like the one they installed last night!

muhammadfm123 | 2019年2月13日

Ah sweet ! We didn't lose this thread!

Unfortunately i don't know what they installed last night - my MS is in the shop for repairs. But before my car was in the shop, I was able to open other apps and not have the map displayed. For instance, radio and camera, but my information is a couple of months old (I haven't had my MS for 69 days.)

EVRider | 2019年2月13日

@russellmorehouse: Any particular reason you picked this ancient thread to post your comment? Since you've proven you know how to search the forum, why not pick one that's more relevant and current?